Age of Figure Out The Storyline – Transformers 4: Age of Extinction – Movie Review

Alright I’m aware it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a review. That doesn’t mean however I haven’t been missing out on the movies this summer. I have seen a few (been busy with work and family things) and I hadn’t seen one I hated. That being said, I had about 4 hours to kill between classes on Tuesday and I figured a movie was in order (I’m not afraid to go by myself).

So I went to go see the movie I kept hearing about. Transformers 4! I came close to actually being an extra in this but sadly it did end up falling through. That being said it was added to the list of movies I wanted to see for this reason alone. So lets begin right?


Review postings include reviews on TV shows, books, music and movies. Reviews are simply, that reviews. I include information from each section and thus this information may or may not contain spoilers. Please take the warning now, if you don’t wish to see or read any SPOILERS, do not continue reading. If you do continue to reading, disregarding this warning, please don’t blame me if something is ruined for you. I did warn you after all. Also, review postings are my opinion and I stand by them. We may not have the same opinion and thus lets not argue over it.




Transformers: Age of Extinction (Transformers 4) is of course a Michael Bay film (Other Transformers movies). We unfortunately do not have Sam back for this movie but we are introduced to some new faces. I’m going to list who plays them and such below, it’s going to make this easier on me and quicker (time crunch).

  • Cane Yeager played by Mark Wahlberg
  • Joshua Joyce played by Stanley Yucci
  • Harold Attinger played by Kelsey Grammer
  • Tessa Yeager played by Nicola Paltz
  • Shane Dyson played by Jack Reynor
  • James Savoy played by Titus Welliver
  • Optimus Prime voiced by Peter Cullen
  • Galvatron voiced by Frank Welker
  • Hound voiced by John Goodman
  • Drift voiced by Ken Watanabe


Alright we begin by seeing some dinosaurs and what appears to be Transformers coming to the earth. And then we jump to present day right after a large blast is sent to earth by one of the ships. And we literally are given no explanation for what we just watched except that they found some ruins of this in Antarctica. And we jump to seeing the Government hunting the Transformers (both sides). They appear to be seeking Optimus Prime and want to know where he is located. They aren’t without help, there is a new Transformer in town called Lockdown. However, we don’t find out until about an hour into the film that we have jumped 25 years into the future from the third movie. This is the first issue I have.

We finally get to see away from the bad guys to meet Cane and his family. He has a daughter named Tessa who is close to graduating High School. Cane is a fixer of things broken (although he isn’t very good at it). We jump back to the Government and wanting people to report Alien activity because they are dangerous. Cane and his business partner go to a job and find an old beat-up truck. They haul it back to Cane’s house and from inspecting it closely, Cane is able to figure it out that the old truck is in fact a Transformer. His partner and Tessa are wanting to report it because they are bad and that’s what you are supposed to do.

Cane doesn’t agree and soon Optimus Prime reveals himself after Cane does a couple of repairs. Unfortunately Cane’s partner has reported what they found and just when Optimus is fixed (somehow without the help of other Transformers) they show up. After some ridiculous threats they are able to escape but they aren’t really helped by Optimus  (who is running from Lockdown, who is hunting him). They are helped by Tessa’s boyfriend Shane who apparently is a race car driver. Please take a moment to cue a car chase and them getting away (without Cane’s business partner, who dies).

They hide away while Optimus checks to make sure the area is clear and that’s when Cane begins to dig into a drone that was flying around his property. He is able to get figure out who produces it and they want stop whomever is hunting Optimus and they want to know why. Optimus is able to send out a call to the other Autobots that are still alive and they all show up in the desert. We get to meet three new bots as well as seeing Bubblebee come back (I should mention that Optimus and Bubblebee and another bot are ONLY characters who return, no references to previous either). After some hacking they get to see the Government is killing the Autobots and they learn where they are taking them once they are dead, to Chicago.

There is a Tech company taking and melting down the transformers and reprogramming it to be under their control. I can’t for the life of me remember what the company is named. But after we see some things, we learn that have created their own Transformers through the help of Megatron’s dead head and the little hairy Autobot from the previous movie (I can’t remember his name or find him listed under characters). Of course the first mistake is that they are trusting that Megatron isn’t going to do something bad. The Transformers make a move to get inside of the building and Cane wants to help. He is able to get a little deeper inside but he is of course caught. And that’s when the bots break in and they are pissed at what they see. And they are attacked by the newly created autobots.

This is about an hour and half through the movie and we see Tessa get taken with Optimus Prime with Lockdown to his ship. Cane and Shane of course want to get Tessa back and are able to get inside of the ship with the other Autobots. They go in search of Optimus as well as Tessa and Cane is able to get a cool gun created for the Autobots (don’t ask me how he’s able to carry the damn thing). In the end they escape with a few other bots in tow that Lockdown had captured. However at this time the Government has been given what we only know as “The Seed”. It’s to help create Transformia (the metal the Transformers are created with). What they don’t know is that Megatron has infected all of the man made Transformers to be under his control and he is eventually brought back to life by Galvatron. The Seed however has made it’s way to Tokyo. This is just where Megatron/Galvatron wants it (I’m not sure what to call him at this point in the movie and neither are the characters). The other Autobots have made there way to Tokyo but the new Transformers have already begun attacking the people to get the Seed. And we get to meet four dinosaur Transformers who look to be on the side of Megatron/Galvatron (based on color of eyes) but are eventually won over by Optimus to fight with him in order to stop Lockdown.

Lockdown who is in space as just learned that his so called “collection” has escaped. He has been collecting them to bring them back to their creator (where’s about 2 hours into the movie now). We have about six villains at this point too. Let me name them: Lockdown, Joshua, Harold (who is with the CIA), James, Galvatron and Megatron. I only say the Galvatron and Megatron are seperate because I’m not sure if Megatron is completely in Galvatron or not. Anyway, there a big fight seen and while we destroy a ton of things in the end Optimus and the other Autobots win. They also destroy Lockdown with the help of Shane, Cane and Tessa. We see that Optimus is going to be leaving to find his creator and he is going to stop them (this is three hours and the end of the movie).


Alright I think I made it kinda clear I wasn’t all that impressed with this movie. I honestly was wondering half the time if we were even going to have a simple storyline or if we were going to continue to throw about six in at once. We also can’t seem to decide on if we are going to have just a Tessa and Shane love story or throw a couple of more in the way. We don’t have a clear villian in this movie because it seems rather clear that we have more than we need. The movie is also about an hour too long and we could’ve dumped about half of the fight scenes, which leaves you believe the movie is going to end multiple times. I don’t like that they don’t really explain what Lockdown is doing with “The Seed” or how any of these other guys came to know him. We aren’t given an information about the time jump until we’re deeper into the movie and we aren’t given any information on previous characters. It literally takes the story to a different world where we kinda mirror what happened before but we actually ever don’t discuss it. I am in awe of how this even begins to make a Transformers movie. Also Optimus Prime is kinda a dick in this movie (while I get it because of the Autobots being killed, I don’t approve). And again I want to stress that the movie is roughly 3 hours long! Way too long for this multiple-storylines thrown together movie.

I think it’s clear that Michael Bay wasn’t prepared for this movie and really should’ve taken the time to get the story right before putting a movie together. I think it could’ve been better prepared for how to reference back to other movies and characters but instead we chose to just completely ignore the fact that we had any except the Chicago incident. I also want to take a moment to point out that there is no way and HELL that Cane would’ve been able to carry around the Bot gun he had. We have seen before how heavy the metal from the Autobots is. He shouldn’t have been able to lift it at all! I give this movie 2 out of 10 stars. They only get the two stars  because we get to see cool Dinosaur Transformers (for the end of the movie) and Mark Wahlberg. That’s basically it. I say skip this one. If you choose to see it, go back and watch Transformers 2 for a better experience than this.

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First and Last First Day of College!

I’m officially in my last year of college. And wow what an amazing long road it has been. I wont be done until after next summer but it’s one more year and I can officially stop spending so much damn money on school. However if only it ended then. I have a loan for this last year of school (who has that kind of money laying around?) and while I’ve always paid out of pocket before this bill wasn’t going to cut it. I wish I didn’t have to go with this student Loan but hey, sometimes you just have too.

Anyway, this is my last year of college and then I get to officially join the big world. My parents have been questioning me on what exactly I plan on doing afterwards. Well my degree allows me to do several things and I’m happy with that. I will not however continue to work this retail job I have now (at least until I get a new one). The only reason I stick around now is because I get a discount for working there and going to school. That’s the only real good thing right now.

Work is just gotta be to a waste of time and the need to really try and care has just gone out of the window. It’s horribly sad to see honestly and while I wish it was different, clearly no one cares to really change it so let it fall to the horrible pieces that it will.

Anyway, I have a few more times of time to kill before class! But I’m happy to see this last year and to have it start!

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Life is passing by while I put my mind to work

It seems to me lately that things have either been moving in a such a fast motion or they move slower than I ever thought possible. I find that the speed of things seem to fly when I’m writing away to help clear my mind. And then other times I’ve completed two chapters of a story and it’s only been twenty minutes. Seem right?

My mom says that life is passing me by while I bearing myself in my writing or even a book I’m reading. I will not disagree with her on this account but all of it is what I love to do. Why would I suddenly change that to “not let life pass me by”? I’m not letting is pass, I’m merely enjoying it from the angle in my story.

I honestly can’t explain what has gottan into me lately. I’ve been writing a lot lately and all of it seems to be a way of calming me. Call it stress from work (because lets face it where I work absolutely sucks). Call it a way to clear my head, either way I’m getting a lot more done than I realized I could.

I also have begun writing the old way, my pen to paper. I went on for about two years writing through my computer and while that worked for a time, I just had to get that smell of fresh ink on the page. My hand is a bit sore but I’m enjoying the process. I think another reason I have been using paper is that my new computer doesn’t come with Microsoft Office and that something I need to get fixed. However I have my old computer to use if I need too. I can’t really justify the money right now on putting it on my new computer.

Either way I’m enjoying things and I’m editing like crazy. I am really looking into self-publishing my book on Amazon through Kindle. So we shall see where that goes, the editing is taking a while but I refuse to upload it unless I’m satisfied with it. It wont be perfect (I am editing on my own) but I am going to do the best I can.

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I don’t recommend falling down the stairs

Last week, I took a tumble down some stairs. Yes while that alone is painful and not fun, taking it down on your knee is much worse. Yes I landed on my knee for each stairs. I have a nice set of bruising going on and while this happened a week ago, I’m still having some issues using my leg/knee normally.

So all of that aside and working on it for eight hours straight a day, it was time to have the Doc look at it. I have never personally done anything this extensive to myself. Unless of course you call breaking my two front teeth (which are fake now, fun fact). Anyway, I went in and she moved my knee around and pushed. Painful but you gotta get through it.

Turns out I over extended my muscle along my knee. Nothing is broke or torn that requires surgery. This is a good thing. However I am not on rest and to stay off my knee and let things mend. I have fluid build up and that is causing more pressure on my knee that it needs. So now I sit and kick back. I am taking it easy but I know that by tomorrow I’m going to be bored out of my mind.

Three days of this. Wish me luck! And lets hope my knee is better too!

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Rest in Peace my old friend

Now I’m sure it came as a shock to you (as it did to me) to learn about the death of Robin Williams. I didn’t believe it at first and it still hasn’t quite settled in my stomach and heart that this wonderful man is truly gone from this world. I may not have known him personally but the man was a part of childhood and apart of some great laughs along the way too.

He truly was the funniest man in the world. And his death was not only shocking but the actual events were as well. It’s horrible to hear about the death of anyone but when it’s suicide it seems to take a deeper meaning. It’s truly tragic.

That being said, I really want to take the moment to remember some of my favorite moments from Robin Williams career. Who can forget Mrs. Doubtfire? And lets not rule out the always outward thinking Patch Adams. These movies are truly magical and they are a life-less in and of themselves.

With that being said, I just want to say again Rest in Peace my old friend. The world will not be the same without Robin Williams

Below are a list of some of my favorite quotes from Robin Williams, and I hope they are to you:

“No matter what the people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams
“In America they really do mythologise people when they die.” – Robin Williams
“Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Lets party!’ ” – Robin Williams


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I’m unsure if I posted this before but I’m going to get into it for this one. I did something kinda different this first week of August. I had helped people the previous year with items on this list but I wanted to give it a shot myself. I participated in GISHWHES. GISHWHES stands for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen and we get a list of about 200 items to complete in one week. Each item has a different point value (depending on difficulty). They are either video or image submissions!

Our list of items were just as crazy and inspirational as previous years (i googled previous lists). My team (Time Traveling Yetis) consisted of 15 females (although one was MIA for the entire thing). Our team was able to complete a combined total of 85 items. Insane right? Not really because we were all newbies and wanted to make sure we had a nice pull for the win. I myself completed 22 items of that 85. Go big or go home (family motto).

Now we wont exactly know who won until a couple of months from now. Sucks but hey there’s about 100,000 items/submissions for the judges to go through. And even if my team doesn’t win we have quite a good standing and we honestly kicked some major butt! I am very proud of them and myself. If we do win, it’s a weekend trip to Croatia, Europe to sail on a Pirate ship and to hangout with not only my awesome teammates but with the always amazing Misha Collins. Not bad right?

I guess now it’s waiting game and getting back to what I consider a normal life. That does include a normal sleep schedule (I got about five hours each night). I had a blast and honestly I would recommend to anyone to get in on this awesome scavenger hunt. I’ll keep you posted on the winner!

In the meantime, here are some of the pictures of items we finished! CLICK HERE

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How to go about “Saving” Dean Winchester – Supernatural – TV Show

Alright alright! I’ve touched on this in a previous post but honestly I’ve been asked about it a couple of times I want to get things clear here. First of all, if you don’t watch Supernatural, you should. There are a total of 9 seasons to get caught up on before season 10 hits the air in October.


Okay so let Me start by saying that we ended season 9 with of course Dean turning into a demon. All of this had been building throughout the whole season and wouldn’t ya know it, Crowley was there to welcome him too.

So now we all take a moment to breathe and wait…til October. During that time those of us who have watched the show since the Pilot and loved it since know that there has to be something to fix Dean. Anytime the guys get into a jam they’re able to fix it. So how do we fix Dean?


Here are your options, there are three. I will go into them.


1. You kill Demon Dean.

Sure it sounds simple enough, after all it’s what the Winchester’s do. But this is family and we know that Sam was bargaining for Dean’s life at the same time Dean was wakening as a demon. Sam isn’t going to just kill Dean, he’ll try and find a way to same him. And this of course is before another hunter learns that Dean is a demon.


2. You continue “Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business” and let Dean continue to be a demon while doing it.

So lets say that you can’t find a way to same Dean (I say this is a small thing but hey they’re worked with worse on the show). And you can’t work up the courage to kill Dean. But even though he is acting like a demon, he still wants to do some good. So he just becomes a better hunter right? Hmm maybe we shall have to see.


3. You cleanse Dean’s soul.

Now I know this seems a bit odd to say but we’ve touched on this subject before on Supernatural. Lets face it, if it didn’t mean Sam dying, Crowley would’ve been a cured demon at the end of Season 9. And some believe that this is how you can fix Dean, do the same ritual with him as you did with Crowley. The problem that I have with this is that well, Dean didn’t become a demon the same way that Crowley did, he became a demon because of the mark. And that’s why I think he’s going to need a seriously powerful spell to cleanse his soul.


I’m in favor of the cleansing his soul part because it means that the Winchester’s would have to trust a witch. But here’s the thing about this that I find would be a good show twist, if the witch wasn’t just a normal witch, but a High Priestess. I have a set up for this, not gonna lie.

If anyone is curious continue reading because I’m going to share it (that’s how much I’ve been thinking about it). And here we go…creative writing….


We begin with Sam running into dead ends in ways of trying to save Dean. He has enlisted the help of an unhealthy Castiel. Castiel being weakening by the day because of the borrowed Grace. They have also been trying to follow Dean since he escaped from the Men of Letters, where they were holding him.

They find a string of what appears to be demon kills, fearing that this may be Dean. The only connect is a traveling Freak Show. So naturally they go to talk to the people who are involved in the Freak Show. They meet the woman in charge, a witch by the name of Diana. She has strict rules for the demons and creatures that are in her show, they don’t kill and they live a very different life. But her demons and creatures aren’t normal, they are the except to the Supernatural world. Thus why they are like a family in the Freak Show.

Anyway, they investigate and figure out it’s a former demon that used to be apart of the show years ago. So Sam and Castiel both kill it with the help of Diana. As Sam and Castiel are preparing to leave, they realize that some of the spells that Diana had used were some that they hadn’t encountered before. Castiel takes a moment but figures out she isn’t a normal witch and boom knock on the door and it’s Diana.

She tells the boys she’s a High Priestess, the only one in the world in fact. She the most powerful witch too. Sam begins is suspicious of Diana and the knowledge she seems to have about not only Dean begin a demon but of the borrowed Grace that is slowly killing Castiel. However, before he can figure out if she is on there side of or not, she offers to help Sam save Dean. Castiel wonders how and she says she has a spell that can cleanse a demons soul.


And we move on from there. See I told you I’ve thought about it for a long time. And I think it would be a nice change to throw a woman into the mix too. And to see if the boys can really trust a witch given all of the problems they have had before. And just taking things a little bit deeper into the “what if” portion of the Supernatural world. Not saying it’ll happen but hey if it does, all I ask from Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver is a writers credit (not holding my breathe). Agree or disagree I think it would be cool.

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