I am now a freelance contributing writer for Sprites News and Reviews. Wonderful step in the right direction and I’m looking forward to writing my first assignment.

I have some homework to do once I get done with the holiday and shopping today but I wanted to share the news. I am extremely excited!

Thank you everyone who reads my blogs, whether you comment or not. This is why I write!

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One thing

One thing I love about WordPress is the “Stats” feature. Sounds crazy and probably arrogant for me to say that but I do love it. It shows me what is being “read/viewed” and where from. I love seeing the different countries all colored in depending on the number of visitors. It’s really cool to see the out reach of my little blog around the world.

I’m also happy to see that someone besides me finds my ramblings interested and possibly worth a read. I thank you all for at least looking at it, whether you agree with it or not.

I’m opinion of criticism is that it should be taken with a grain of salt. You shouldn’t take it all personal, really that’s what someone else believes. However, I think there’s a learning lesson involved in it too. It’s a double edge sword that you need to be careful with. It can be hurtful and mean or any other adjudicative close to that you want to come up with. It can also be helpful, great and cause you to smile.

However, I didn’t start my blog or write what I write for people to cause problems or issues. I have my own opinion and I know that people may or may not agree with it. I like to think that I can present my side very well. But I also know that no matter how well I present my side, someone isn’t always going to agree.

This recently occurred to me on Instagram. I expressed my opinion, knowing that someone would pitch a fit and probably fire back, but it was my opinion. I DO NOT EXPECT it to change the situation or even make a difference in it, but I shared it none the less because I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought the same way I did. I also want to point out that I do not believe I have any sway in the situation but I was adding to the conversation. That’s the whole point of social media right?

I also know that social media is a delicate flower. Someone who uses social media a lot, I know it’s power and I know that it’s very hard to take something back so you have to be careful what you say too. And most employers want to look at your stuff. Your social media can affect your job now. I know a lot of people don’t want to believe it but it’s very very true. Several companies that I know of have a social media policy. Scary huh? It doesn’t matter what your settings are sometimes too, certain companies can get around them (thanks Facebook) and see what they need to see.

The easiest thing to do. Be careful what you post/say. Turn your privacy settings up (even if they’re gonna see it, make them work for it). Do not bash, talk down, or do anything to violate that social media policy. Most importantly, know your loop holes. Yes it sounds horrible to say but it can be the best alternative. For instance, I can say I had a really crappy day at work but unless you personally know me, you may not know where I work or what I’m talking about. I could also have two jobs and you wouldn’t know which one I am talking about. Loop holes people, know them.

I know I’m not the smartest and I know that my opinions are my own. I know that my opinion will not always be agreed with, we are made to have our own opinion. I just want to be able to share it. I want to be able to express myself. If that’s a crime, fine I’m a criminal. If you disagree, good you stand by your opinion. If you agree, awesome we think the same. If you’re in the middle, great you need more sway in either direction.

My point in all of this is that we all have opinions. We all think the way we think. No one will come close to understanding or knowing you until you know yourself. This takes time. This takes works. More importantly, it takes confidence. So own it.

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Sometimes you just have to weather the storm

Life definitely has a way of kicking you when you’re down. Ever notice that? It’s always a series of “WTF” or “Are you kidding me” or worse, it’s never just one and lets move on. Nope, instead it’s about 3, I’m a big believer that things happen in 3s. So much has happened in the past week that I’m starting to believe I’m being tested. I feel that the universe is pushing me to see how much stress and everything else I can take and then goes, she’s good, she’s almost ready.

But ready for what? Yeah all of these unanswered questions. Life is a course of unanswered questions if I’m truly honest. I just need to find the damn brakes for a couple of days.

I’ve found strength in music and writing. They go hand and hand for me. I have an issue writing without music or some sort of background noise. I have been putting my MP3 on more lately that I have in the past year. I guess you always know what you need right?

However, I’m starting to slowly realize who my friends are too. I thought I’d had a good set of that last year but if I look at whose around me right now, they’re much different. I do believe that people come into your life for a reason and even if they’re around for a long time or just a passing “hello”, you get to see something or learn something from them.

I’m currently working on another story idea. I’ve been writing away at my series and right now I need to take a step back from it because what I want to tell isn’t coming through correctly (this is a form of writer’s block). I have an idea but I haven’t fully developed the story to completion like I usually do before I start. I’m interested in seeing how this one will play out if I actually just start writing without knowing how it’s going to end.

This would also be a change for me because I usually know the ending before I even know the twists and turns in a story. I know where I need to end up, I just have to get the characters there. Experiment? I think so.

I have to get to a team meeting now. The joys of a Capstone class. Time to review our paper. Have a great night folks.

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How to Dress for Funeral

This post follows the “How to dress for a wake”

The dress wear for a funeral is a little bit more strict than a wake. Any funeral I have ever been too, even when I was in middle school attending a good friend’s funeral, I made sure I dressed formal. Formal means that you are dressed to impress but in the correct way. All of your entire is clean and hopefully ironed. You are in black. Black is basically the color for a funeral, if you have color, it better be a “quiet” color and not a lot of it.

I do hope you do research though because I know that if the person is of a Hindu background and culture they do not wear not wear black to the funerals, they wear white. And if you go to a funeral in black, it is considered impolite. They also will sometimes have a more casual feel to their funeral (people wear sandals). I found all of this information doing a simple Google search. So please if you are unsure, ask and then do some research.

However, Western Cultures typically are the ones that wear black to funerals. For me, I have never gone to a funeral with any color on. I was taught at a young age that if you are going to attend a funeral, you wear black.

The funeral process can be short or long. I once attended a funeral that ran for over two hours. This all depends on the wishes of the person who has passed and the family. For myself, when I kick the bucket, I want a short funeral and I want to make sure that people are happy and having a good time. Sounds weird I know but I am that way in life and I want that for those I love and care about when I die too. I know that people will be sad regardless but I want to at least have people smile and remember me with a smile.

Funerals are different also depending on the religion of the person. Those who are none religions are usually short. Those who are Catholics, that’s quite a process. Christians can be too, also I have attended short and long funerals. As for those in the military, expect the gun shots. I have never attended a funeral for a veteran or someone who passed while fighting that didn’t have the final gun shots. This a traditions I see as very important, however depending on the person’s wishes, they may not actually have them.

Funerals are usually easier to get right than a wake. Wakes have more wiggle room compared to funerals. But both require research if you are unsure. As for what you should feel or do, that all depends on the situation and the moment. If you don’t cry, that’s your way of dealing. For me, I’m usually calm at the start of a funeral but by the end and listening to the stories, I’ve let some tears fall.

The point, we all grieve in our own way. We all have to work through those stages of grief and some of us don’t take as long working through while others can take a very long time. Just be grateful that we don’t have the mourning traditions set back 150 years ago. Those required all black for months, veils, and black curtains and other objects covering things. You were basically shut up in your house until the “mourning period” was properly ended. I don’t think I could do this.

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How would you Paint Me? – Quote of the Day

paintmeRemember you can find my quotes on the Quotes page and I post daily on my Instagram (link in sidebar).

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The Darkness vs. The Light

I think it’s safe to say when it comes to Supernatural we love the Ying & Yang  Theology. We’ve played it up so many times you can’t help but see it.

Dean and Sam. Angels and Demons. God and Death. And all of the other things in between. But the one thing we haven’t seen yet is the Ying to the Darkness’s Yang. I’m of course talking about The Light.

The Light (following the cue of The Darkness) has probably been on Earth this whole time. I believe these two together are the start of magic. I may have lost you for a second there but please hear me out. We have seen two different types of magic on this show. Good and Bad….Ying and Yang. White witch (Light) and Black witch (Darkness). All of this and everything that has happened leads back to these two.

So to keep things straight with the show, The Darkness being female, The Light has to be her sister. The opposites of the Winchesters. Remember folks, history always repeats itself.

And we’ve seen The Light being teased on this show.  No I don’t think it’s God, it’s something else entirely. If it was God, we’d have the answer already but we don’t, so this is something else.

So why hasn’t she presented herself you may be wondering? I have an answer. She is growing her powers too. I think she’s powerful but now that Amara aka The Darkness is free, she needs more. But she can’t steal it the way The Darkness can, she has to earn it. Grow. The Light has to do things right, and she knows she needs the Winchesters.

The last piece of the puzzle. The Darkness showed up to Dean because of the mark, she has already expressed fondness to him. She can’t do that with Sam. But Sam has been getting visits and help from something…. The Light. The Light can only show herself to Sam because Dean has been touched by The Darkness. That’s why Sam keeps having visions, the Light is limited right now.

I would like to point out this plays into what I posted back in season 9 and I’m happy to see it playing out. Writers, still should’ve used a better name than The Darkness.

Anyway, so how do we take this full circle and explain why The Darkness loves Dean? We all love Dean but she seems to me anyway to worship him. Different definitely. So why? I bet you’re thinking she’s grateful because Dean let her out but it’s more than that. She thinks Dean is her God. And the Light, well she had The God.

We know that The Darkness has hated and seemed very jealous of God. I have a theory on that as well. The Darkness and The Light were always together, always happy and never went or thought against each other. Then shows up God, who prefers The Light for whatever reason. The Darkness grows jealous, hateful and sad because The Light is preferring God to her. So The Darkness plots to destroy everything because without God, it would be just the two of them.

However, God has been creating. All of the different creatures to impress or show off to The Light. But The Light starts to see the changes in The Darkness and learns of her plan. She goes to God and with the help of The Arch Angels, they trap The Darkness in a cage.

Cage theme is important. So The Darkness is locked away, The Light doesn’t like that God gave the “Key” to her freedom to Lucifer, so to show her that the Angels will always do what be wants, he creates humans. The Light loves them because inside each of them is their own little light, souls.

You know the rest from here Lucifer grows jealous of humans blah blah blah. All playing back to The Darkness not wanting God around. So here’s where Dean comes in. The Darkness believes he’s her God because he let the mark get him, used it, turned back good, wanted to not give in but did and in the end, she gets free. The connection, same as her.

Guess we’ll have to see how all of this plays out. But if I’m right, I’d still like my writers credit producers!

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New Quote Gallery


I have added something new to the blog. I’ve added a Quotes Gallery page. I will hopefully be able to keep updating it as I go through posting quotes. Case in point, the one I created above. All you have to do is click the “Quotes” at the top. Easy access, enjoy.

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