The End is Near – Supernatural season 11 finale


The show down that we were denied in the last episode came to its conclusion tonight. That’s how a season finale goes with this show, we get something resolved and then you’re left with a “HOLY CRAP” moment you’re not sure what to make of it. Lets start from the beginning shall we.

We pick up right where it was left off, God is dying, Castiel is back and the boys are banged up. All of the crew seems to have given up, except for Sam. This is course leads to a sudden finding of a way to stop the Darkness, pure logic. She is dark and you’ll need light to destroy her, a lot of it. The only thing powerful enough to do it are souls, and we have a group full of people with personal experience of just how powerful they are.

ghosts“This is desperate and stupid.” – Crowley

With the help of Rowena (who I still want dead but a little less now) there’s a spell in the book that will bind souls together to create a bomb. This bomb would unleash a light so bright and powerful that it would kill the Darkness and give life back to God.

Dean is the only one who can get close enough to her and let this bomb out, it will however cost him his life. This is how it was always going to come down to it. Dean was going to end up giving his life to save the world, we’ve seen it time and time again on this show. Except one thing, the Darkness is already sad about the world dying around her, after all the sun is losing power the same as God. She doesn’t want the world to end because with it she will end as well. Amara got her revenge but she didn’t know she would feel sadden, I believe this is the humanity in her coming forward, she is after all in a human vessel, same as God.


The group gathers souls, ghost and those from the veil with the help of the reaper Billy who seems to be Team Dean and Sam now, at least so long as they’re trying to stop the end of the world. And so Dean goes to face Amara and finds her the way he has felt before on this show, you got revenge but what now, what have you given up. Dean is able to use his Dr. Phil powers to make Amara see what she is doing and to forgive God and try to understand what has happened and what will need to be changed. Dean is struggling of course with about 200k souls locked inside of his chest, waiting to be unleashed but he manages to make Amara see her actions.

God disappears from where Sam, Rowena, Crowley and him are waiting for Dean to do what he must do, in a bar of course. God appears before Amara, on his last leg of life and she restores him and the sun. Together they make apologies and agree they must spend some time together in order to make things right and they leave, but not before Death makes an odd promise to Dean:

“You have given me what I wanted most, I will do the same for you.” – Amara

Dean is left to wonder around until he comes upon Mary, his mother, brought back to life. And this is your first “holy crap” moment. Dean is surprised, Mary is too and it seemed to me she actually recognized Dean. This is going to be difficult to explain to her but I’m sure Dean will be able to figure it out. Meanwhile Sam and Castiel have returned to the bunker, unsure of what has occurred and if Dean is alive or dead. They are not alone. Our mystory woman from Britain has arrived to bring in Sam and Dean to answer to the Men of Letters across the pond for their actions. Sam refuses, especially after she blasts Castiel away. And you see her pull the trigger but you don’t know if she hit Sam, Sam dodged it or if somehow the bullet hit her instead.

Dean: No chick flick moments.
Sam: You love chick flicks.
Dean: Yeah, you’re right. Come here.

This season finale played homage to previous seasons and I love when this occurs, more importantly we got back to what this how is about, these two brothers never giving up when the odds are stacked against them. I give this episode 9 out of 10. The only downfall I didn’t like is that I feel like Amara’s change of heart deserved another episode of building and the apology between her and God should’ve been just a little bit different. I may be alone in this regard.

I’m also curious as to why the Men of Letters across the pond let the American base fall and somehow still know that Dean and Sam are now running it. This seems to just be thrown in but I’m interested to see how it plays out. I’m also expecting someone powerful to show up too, not God or Amara but someone else. These Men of Letters seem to be more powerful then we realized, so naturally someone has to be helping them or did at one point right? I’m all for a twist with this, some please Supernatural writers, give it to me please.


A Girl and Her Gun – a Short Film Review

This was originally posted on Turnabout Media.


Have you ever felt alone? The feeling that you have no one to talk to or that no one would understand? It’s a more common occurrence if only we were willing to admit it to ourselves. “A Girl and Her Gun” is an excellent example of when someone gets so lost in their own world and isolation that they can see no happiness or greatness left in the world. “A Girl and Her Gun” is Directed and Produced by Paul Holbrook and Sam Dawe. The setting of a rough neighborhood helps build the isolation that Sarah or “The Girl” is experiencing.

Sarah comes from a rough household and neighborhood. Her father has been in prison and she is living with a relative who is in an abusive relationship herself. Sarah struggles day-to-day, with little food and constant bullying at school. Her only solace is an old western movie that she uses to drown out the violence occurring around her. Tragically though, Sarah’s father dies from his injuries in the hospital and the last hope of Sarah seems to be lost, until she finds a gun in her Father’s belongings.

Due to Sarah’s love for that movie old western movie, the idea of having her own gun is appealing. After all, she sees that the heroes in the movie use their guns to stop the bad guy, she could do the same if she had her own. This idea takes hold in the darkest way possible. Sarah wants to stop the abuse and the bullying she endures. Bringing the gun to school as her protection, Sarah makes a last stand against her bullies and pulls the gun. There are a few different scenarios that could happen once that gun is pulled. Will she shoot the two bullies? Will a teacher see it and stop her? Or the darker approach, will Sarah turn the gun on herself, to end the isolation? Sadly, it’s not the choice you want and the ending gasp is the final tearing in Sarah’s world and the dark drama this short film creates.

Watching “A Girl and Her Gun” was a bit uncomfortable. You see a girl fascinated with how the cowboys take out their enemies with their guns. This is her only comfort in her isolated world which explains the mood of the film. As the story progresses, the outcome of what will happen to Sarah starts to become more clear. At this point you start to pick how it will end, hoping for Sarah to get rescued before it happens. That however, would not go with the mood set by the film, so the darker outcome occurs. Shocking and maybe not the worst way it could’ve ended, but still an “I just held my breath” moment.

The House in Spain – Short Film Review

This was originally posted on Turnabout Media.


When it comes to horror films, we all have our favorites. Some like them gory, others more sinister and plotting. For me, I’m always a fan of the classics. The House in Spain plays homage to those classic horror films. I’m talking victim alone in a house while the killer watches on, waiting for the right moment to strike.

This short black and white silent film is directed by Chris Hyde and stars Ryan Spong as Jay. Jay has gone to his now deceased dead father’s house to try to figure out what happened, not wanting to believe his father would actually commit suicide. He’s alone in this strange house, or is he? Strange things seem to be occurring around the house, something that Jay’s curiosity can’t help but want to follow and figure out.

This curiosity is a play on how even though we know we shouldn’t, we usually end up doing it anyway. Jay is no closer to figuring out what is happening around the house when his so-called killer is ready to make its move. This leaves Jay learning the truth in the only way a classic horror movie can.

The Missing Hand

This review was originally posted on Turnabout Media.


What would you do if you found a severed hand laying on the ground? Most people wouldn’t touch it, let alone pick it up but that wouldn’t add comedy to a dark twisted tale that is about to unfold. “The Missing Hand” is a dark comedy that leads you on a short trip down a “What if” scenario and somewhat odd happenings. This short film is directed and written by Daniel Harding. It stars Meryl Griffiths as Ms. Whitman, Neil James as Trevor, Radley Mason as ‘The Man with the Missing Hand’ and Joseph Emms as the ‘Unconscious Man’.

“People don’t just misplace a severed hand do they?” – Trevor

Ms. Whitman and Trevor are discussing a plan to sell a patch of land in order to have it developed. Just as they are about to finish their plans, Ms. Whitman finds a severed hand in the field. Making a swift decision the pair decides to bury it and leave but a man appears, looking for the so-called hand. They pretend to help him look for a bit before returning to their car. There they find an unconscious man who is in the fact the owner of the hand, not the one they helped look for it with earlier. Unburying the hand to hopefully help the man they found, turns into a ‘we need to get out of here’ scenario where revenge is met full swing by a convenient shovel and a quick getaway car.

“Oh you found it, please hand it over.” – The Man with The Missing Hand

“The Missing Hand” is not what you’d expect at first glance. The element of comedy is delivered with ease and placed perfectly in the story if gives you a sense that you’re standing with Ms. Whitman and Trevor. This short film will make you laugh and question Ms. Whitman’s morals too.

66 Reasons “Damien” Deserves a Second Life

She nailed it.

A Melody, The Memory

In the wake of A&E’s cancellation of Damien after only one season, passions for this unique show have continued to run high. This list was written before the news of the cancellation broke and was initially aimed at A&E for renewal, so only minor edits have been made. Here’s my Hail Mary – or Hail Satan – to get Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Chiller, AMC, SyFy, or FX to pick Damien up for a second season.

1. It’s the smartest show on TV. You have to pay close attention to catch everything.

2. Naturally, the smartest show also has smart fans. Read the insightful questions Damien creator Glen Mazzara answered in the post-finale Twitter Q&A, and it’s clear what kinds of people the show attracts.

3. As mentioned in my previous article, 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching A&E’s “Damien”, it makes you think about and question everything.

4. The…

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A&E axes a second season of Damien

It was announced over the weekend that A&E had made the decision to not continue Damien. I was sadden and pissed to hear this is the decision they had made. I couldn’t imagine that this show wouldn’t get picked up. It lured in a ton of a viewers even on its late night time slot on Monday. So why cancel it after just one season? I can’t give you a definitive answer, but what I can do is tell you why I loved this show.


Damien made you pay attention. It was the smallest of details that you needed in order to piece things together. People continually die around Damien Thorn and it became a game on who would survive and who wouldn’t. We had barely scratched the surface of what Damien’s destiny was and the true story about his past. We just saw him coming into his powers and realizing what and who he really was.

I never got my question answered as to whether or not Simone became his “queen” when the finale ended and I want to know. He brought her back to life and she had saved him and they did have  chemistry, so are they or aren’t they? I need this answered A&E.

I have several other questions that I need answered too. Right now the fans of Damien are fighting back and voicing their displeasure. Maybe A&E will get the message. So to my fellow fans, keep on posting and keep on pushing. A&E may not pick it up but Amazon, Hulu, Netflix or another network will take it. We can do this.

Also, I have reblogged another fan who has beautifully written why Damien shouldn’t be let go so make sure you go read that.

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