Yawn – Fear the Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere – TV Show Review

The second half of Fear the Walking Dead picks up almost right where it left it off. Unfortunately you only get to see one character the entire episode. “Grotesque” was an episode of slow moving story with moments of cringe worthy survival by Nick. That’s right, the entire episode focuses on Nick, giving you some back story before the world went to the dead and how he is traveling through Mexico on his own.

You learn that Nick lost his father before the dead rose up and that he did go to rehab but clearly didn’t learn a thing or care because his girlfriend in rehab is also the first walker we see killed on Fear the Walking Dead. She seemed to have her head on straight, despite being a drug addict like Nick. She seemed to want to do better but for whatever reason, these two brought out the worst in each other.

“I want to be somewhere where the dead aren’t monsters.” – Nick

You see Nick lose his supplies and even though he is able to cover himself in walker guts, he really just walks around with them most of the episode. We see hunters on the main highway who eventually, despite their military grade guns, get eaten by a herd of walkers Nick is traveling with. Nick gets attacked by two dogs after falling asleep in the middle of no where. He is of course badly hurt at this point.

He eventually makes it to Tijuana and when searching for food or something to help with his bite he meets our newest character Lucina, who brings him to their camp to get him patched up. All seems to be okay, they are up on a hill with some walls built up but how effective that is, you wont know until the next time they decide to show Nick in the next couple of episodes before the season ends.


This episode was a disappointment really. The one character adventure and very little dialogue make it a very boring episode and lots of mistakes occur. The back story is nice but it does nothing to build Nick’s character except to make you realize he is a true drug addict and if it wasn’t for the end of the world, he would still be abusing drugs. Overall the episode is boring and even though it’s an hour, it seems like longer. I give it 4 out of 10 stars.

Here’s to hoping the next episode is better.

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And the winner is….The Walking Dead Season 6 Cliffhanger


Danai Gurira as Michonne; Michael Cudlitz as Sgt Abraham Ford; Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene; Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha; Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes; Josh McDermitt as Dr Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


From the moment of the season 6 cliffhanger, I’ve been asked numerous times who I think got killed by Negan.  I haven’t said a thing about it, unless you’re my family of course. I’ve kept quiet because I believe and still do that the show runners wanted to know whose death would impact the fans the most. I had an idea and still hold to that now from the moment the season and episode ended.

Today however, since we’ve filmed a bit into season 7 and I’m sure we’re all counting down days until the season 7 premiere, I’m going to tell you who I believe Negan killed and why. I’m also going to go through why the other 10 people did not get killed. The order listed below goes from least likely to likely victim.

  1. Not Killed – Rick
    1. Let’s face something here, Negan is going to need Rick to make the others listen and do what they have to do now that Negan is in control. Rick is the leader of Alexandria and the only one that people seem to follow, while that may be threatening, he was also one of the first ones to admit defeat to Negan.
    2. Thus he’s already submitted to Negan and whatever seems to come next. Rick has lost his fight and just wants to keep on living.
  2. Not Killed – Carl
    1. Negan likes Carl. You see this from the moment they met. He may have threatened to take his other eye but in the end Negan seemed to move past this pretty quick. He also seemed to link Carl and Rick together so since we know he’s not going to kill Rick, he wouldn’t kill Carl.
    2. I could also mention some comic stuff but this show has moved away from that a bit so I’m thinking they’re going to disregard what happens in the comics here too.
  3. Not Killed – Eugene
    1. Eugene was the one who took off in the RV. He said and made peace with Abraham. If Negan was going to kill him, he would’ve done it out right the moment they captured Eugene.
    2. Eugene is also a survivor and will use his knowledge to save his life and I’m guessing, since he was with Negan and his group for a bit before Rick and the others showed up, may have said a few things that would make him valuable to Negan. He’s also and easy out and I can’t see the show runners doing that.
  4. Not Killed – Aaron
    1. Aaron is also another easy out kill. This again, I can’t see the show runners doing. Plus, Aaron has knowledge of the area and also knows a lot of other survivors from his travels. I imagine this isn’t the first time Aaron has heard of and possibly seen someone from Negan’s group.
    2. I have my suspicions that Aaron may know more then he’s letting on. On another note, he’s in the season 7 Trailer with a gun pointed at him by Dwight so he’s not the one who Negan kills but he may end up dead before the season ends.
  5. Not Killed – Rosita
    1. Negan likes pretty things. He likes value. That much is clear by his camps, how he runs his operation and how his people are.
    2. He needs to keep the guys on board and what a better way than to throw someone like Rosita at them to ‘play’ with. I’m not saying it’s right but the possibility must have occurred to you at some point.
  6. Not Killed – Maggie
    1. Maggie is sick. Maggie is not looking well. Maggie looks like the weakest link to Negan. Why would he kill her? More to the point, in the state she’s in do you thinks he could take not one, but two hits of his bat?
    2. Come on, this one is obvious. Also, Maggie is seen behind Negan in the season 7 trailer.
  7. Not Killed – Sasha
    1. She just got her shit together. Pardon my French but there really is no other way of saying it. She is just coming into her own. She’s a strong character and she’s willing to fight.
    2. She’s good with a gun and she knows when to shut up. Negan isn’t going to take her out. This is an easy out kill for the show runners, not going to happen.
  8. Not Killed – Michonne
    1. She was held by Negan and his group. She was with them for a while. If they intended to kill her, they would’ve done it out right. Negan does like a show but why keep three people hostage just to kill them later, seems a bit like wasted time if you ask me. And from Negan’s speech, he’s not one to waste time or present himself if he doesn’t have too.
    2. Michonne also just started her love-story interest with Rick, let’s not kill that so quick. They’ll build that up and then something will happen, but that’s a huge maybe
  9. Not Killed – Daryl
    1. If Daryl dies, we riot it. I have seen this repeated so many times, I even own a shirt that says it. Daryl is such a valued character not only to show and the group but also the fans as well. Daryl is made for a world like The Walking Dead.
    2. Daryl was also part of Dwight getting away and I can definitely see Dwight letting Negan know about that. Negan will see Daryl as a very valued member of Alexandria and now his group.
    3. Daryl is safe. I shouldn’t have to say this either but I will, if Daryl is the one to go, a lot and I do mean a lot of fans would stop watching the show.
  10. Not Killed – Glenn
    1. Glenn was killed in the comics. We know this. We’ve been told, we’ve seen it in other articles/theories. This is an obvious choice for the show runners but they don’t use the comics as a how to for things. Yes, they use part of it for the story and the show wouldn’t exist without it but they have developed and created a different story away from that.
    2. Glenn’s death has already been teased before one the show. We were left hanging for a mid-season finale on whether or not Glenn was alive. I can’t see them going to all the time and effort to do that just to have him killed at the start of season 7.
    3. Negan will also use Maggie as leverage when it comes to the group. Glenn will be the first to do whatever Negan says just to keep Maggie safe and possibly save her life since she is definitely not doing well.
    4. Negan let Glenn live after he had his outburst. He made Glenn get back on his knees and in line. He let that go. If he was going to do that, why would he suddenly turn on Glenn then? He would’ve just killed Glenn at his outburst.


“All right, listen. Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’s free. It’s an emotional moment, I get it.” – Negan to Glenn

And the winner is……


  1. Killed – Abraham
    1. Abraham made peace with everyone at the end of the season. He made up with Eugene and him and Rosita seemed to have moved past the awkward zone after their relationship ended.
    2. He’s not afraid. Yes, Abraham is on his knees just like everyone else. However, he looks at Negan like he’s just waiting for the right moment to take over. He’s a soldier and soldiers don’t give up, even when they really should.
    3. Negan will know who’s a threat. He is watching all of them to see who is going to be a problem. He will see how Abraham is looking at him.
    4. Who else could take a hit from Negan’s bat and get up? Abraham that’s who. Abraham is the only character who could take a beating and get back up. He’s also one of Alexandria’s muscle and less people that are going to fight Negan the better.
    5. Abraham isn’t a loved character like Daryl or Glenn but he is definitely a valued member of the group and most likely in people’s top 5 of favorite characters on the show. He’s not and easy out but he’s also not a hard out either.


There is also the possibility that more than one character will get killed in the premiere episode. I also don’t see this being a possibility. I think we’ve waited so long to see who is going to die that killing off two people would just be overkill. Also, you would have to come up with a storyline that eliminates two people instead of one. I can’t see the show runners changing the storyline that much, especially since Negan just came into the picture. Negan is going to cause a lot of trouble for Rick and his group this season. This season is going to be full of tense moments and more character deaths, although not at the start of the season.

I am as anxious as you are to see who gets killed. I am wondering if my theory will hold true. One of the things I love about theories and predicting things is seeing if they actually happen or not on the show. We’ll find out in October.

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The Hunt is over

Gishwhes 2016 ended at about 2am for me, 11pm on the west coast. My team completed 94 items on the list and there are a handful that I would say are beautifully well done. I’m hoping we’ll get some bonus points on those. The items this year were crazy but fun and challenging but fun. All and all, if you’re doing this and not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.

I earned my first stitches this year. I had an accident trying to catch a goat and cut the side of ankle, 7 stitches with some internal. This of course affected a few of the items I was planning on doing but my team was quick to pick them up for me. However, I was still able to complete 29 items on my list. I also submitted a ton for my team, and did some editing and fixing for posts too. We were on top of things and worked fantastically together.

Click the link to see some of the items finished (videos are not included):



We’ll just start swinging – Suicide Squad – Movie Review


It’s finally here. We finally got it. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time. I know I am not alone in this regard. We all wanted to see Harley Quinn come to life, see Deadshot make his jokes and wonder just how crazy Jared Leto’s Joker really is.

One thing for sure, I wasn’t completely disappointed in this movie like I was for Batman V Superman. I have to say the change in the director may or may not be a factor here. But that’s a whole other discussion and well, I’d rather not tick a ton of people off. I’m actually going to be the opposite of probably what a lot of the reviews you may or may have read/seen.

“So that’s it, huh? We’re the patsies. We’re some kind of suicide squad. Let’s go save the world!” – Deadshot

Suicide Squad jumps right into things. The story just takes right off from the start. You are given a very basic play of who the characters are and why Amanda Waller wants them to be a special task force. Pay attention to some of the subtext of their bios, there’s some interesting things you’ll see there but they’re gone fast too. The characters are lined up and that’s that. Oh and the Enchantress is your big bad for this movie, that’s obvious from the first five minutes.

Enchantress was a bit of a letdown personally. She’s supposed to be this super powerful witch but when she’s up there doing her spell or machine, she just looks like she dancing the salsa. You may think that sounds weird but if you haven’t seen the movie you’ll get it. If you have, you may or may not be laughing. Also, I expected Rick Flag to at least try to talk sense into the Enchantress but that didn’t occur either, he just made the decision that she had to be ended. I assume there’s a back story there that isn’t in the movie, like I said there isn’t much character build up.


The plot is underdeveloped but there is a lot of action to make up for it. Deadshot is your comedy for the movie and Will Smith, for having a series of not so great movies, delivered this time. Harley Quinn was exactly as I expected her to be. I have read about 3 different reviews where people have torn to pieces the fact that she’s in a psychologically abusive relationship with the Joker. They expected her to be this badass girl and that’s not what Suicide Squad showed. The movie showed you exactly who Harley Quinn is, spelled out in the comics. She will do anything for the Joker and loves him even after everything he put her through. Hello, she’s Harley Quinn because of the Joker. Do your research on the character before you get ticked about something that isn’t anything new to the rest of us.

The one continuing joke throughout the entire thing is that the monsters keep trying to capture Rick Flag. Yes, this movie is a giant capture the “Flag” game, which Deadshot points out. The Joker spent the whole movie trying to get Harley back but he’s the one that left her after Batman chased them. This movie had a lot more Batman then necessary too. You get about 10 seconds of The Flash too but that’s all of the Justice League you’ll encounter. There is discussion of Superman, who is currently dead, but it’s more of “Well Superman brought this to our planet” blah blah blah. Been there, done that, heard it over and over again in BvS, we don’t need to hear it again.


Overall the movie is full of action and a few touching moments. The characters are undeveloped but you are given a brief and basic history of each character. The Enchantress is a letdown. She’s powerful but without her brother she’d be nothing so just how powerful is she? I want more history but I also think the movie was a good length, not too long and not too short. There is a bonus scene in the credits to watch, it’s a tease for the Justice League (currently filming in UK). I won’t spoil that for you. I give Suicide Squad 8 out 10 stars. Go out and see it. Ignore what the credits are saying. This movie is better than they think it is.


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gishwhes 2016

gishwhes 2016 is underway and wow, my team has gotten a lot of items done so far. I hurt my ankle on Sunday, stitches included. My first time getting stitches (if i exclude my mouth surgery I had when I was 16). So I’ve been completed items but not as many as I usually do. Either way, today I’m feeling more like myself and I can move around a whole lot better.

I am hoping to complete 5 items today. 3 for sure, the other two may or may not happen.

I will be sharing what my team finished on Sunday. Unless specified we are not allowed to share items. So stayed tuned for when we can post item, I’ll definitely be sharing some.

Miss Jean Louis aka the Misha Collins Wrangler

mjlThe queen. The illusive. The advisor. The babysitter? Somehow those titles don’t seem to go together. Yet that’s exactly what Miss Jean Louis (MJL) is. MJL is a leader among the gishwhesers, our queen. She’s a guiding hand throughout our hunt; but she’s also able to smack Misha upside the head if he gets out of hand too (which has happened). MJL has some curious stories of keeping Misha in line:

Last year, MJL was quietly drinking a glass of red wine while Misha calmly played with sock monkeys, when suddenly she looked up and Misha was gone. He had escaped in the blink of an eye. MJL, using her extensive knowledge of Misha and expertise in all things gishwhes, was quickly on the trail. Misha had wandered over to William Shatner’s house. By the time she found him it was the dead of night and there stood Misha-stark naked-swimming in Shatner’s pool. He had been looking for the illusive swimming yetis at the bottom of the pool. MJL-hoping to not wake Shatner- ordered Misha out of the pool and informed him that yetis could only be found in freezing water. Unfortunately, Misha would not leave the pool until he found a yeti. She was forced to jump in and get him. Five minutes later, she had Misha out of the pool, properly clothed and promised to take him to Iceland to explore the glaciers. They traveled back to her house and read stories in front of the fire until Misha fell asleep and was tucked into bed.

This is just one of many stories that you will hear when it comes to MJL. She is genius. You have to be to babysit Misha. The real question is: do you have what it takes to babysit Misha? If you think so, MJL is currently looking for a temporary babysitting position. The work includes everything you can possibly imagine. This job may last an hour, day or even a week, if necessary. MJL has earned herself a break, especially since now she’s promised a trip to Iceland. She really just wants to visit an art museum without having Misha touch the paintings.