A Brutal Start to Season 7 of The Walking Dead


Breathe. Blink. Cry. The season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead gave you all of those things and probably a few times over. I’m not usually one to cringe at TV Shows and The Walking Dead has never been one of those to make me but I gotta say after last nights episode I definitely did cringe. It was brutal. It was grotesque. It was bloody. It was exactly how they should’ve introduced Negan into the show.

If you don’t read the comics then you are probably not happy with what The Walking Dead did last night. I’ve seen this repeated several times over on Social Media of people who couldn’t believe they did the things they did last night. However, in the comics this is exactly what Negan is. He is not someone to be toyed with and he’s the worst thing Rick and the group have EVER come across. He makes The Governor look like a child’s toy.

“I’m just getting started” – Negan

We begin basically right where we left off except we have to wait 22 minutes to find out who Negan killed. Yes 22 minutes, I clocked it. The episode plays forward and then plays back to tell more of the story. Rick is off with Negan for a good portion of the episode. Negan, even after brutally killing someone has to break Rick. Negan knows it’s going to take a lot more effort then he’s had to do before. You see Rick struggle with what he witnessed, how they ended up there and decide what he is going to do in the future. I’m pretty sure the entire group is going to have some serious PTSD (if that can even cover it) after this, as well as us viewers.


After 22 minutes, you see who Negan whacked. It’s Abraham. I called that (You can read it here). Abraham is the only one who can take a hit like that and get up ready for more. And he’s the also the only one who could impressed Negan like that. Negan doesn’t just whacked him until he’s dead, no Negan goes to town whacking the hell out of Abraham’s head until there is just mush left where Abraham’s head used to be. For those viewers with sensitive stomachs, probably had some issues with this and of course the whole episode. Unfortunately Abraham isn’t the only one who gets killed this episode. I thought for sure they’d hold off killing someone else until a later episode but they decided otherwise. In this case, I also called it. After episode and several times teasing, Glenn is killed also last night.

Glenn could’ve stayed alive but Daryl decided he wasn’t going to take this quietly and got up and got a pretty damn good punch into Negan before he was thrown down. Negan takes the hit well and instead of killing Daryl, he turns the bat to Glenn. One intense hit and Glenn’s skull is dented and he’s got an eye popping out but he’s still alive and telling Maggie to look away (I believe). Negan makes a comment on Glenn’s appearance and then finishes him the same way as Abraham.

“That is some screwed up shit.” – Negan

When Negan and Rick return from their fun time in the smoke and walkers that Rick had to kill to get to the ax that Negan threw out of the RV, Rick still isn’t broken. Rick is used to being in charge and Negan knows that. Negan also knows that he’s going to have to step up his game in order to make the “new order” clear to Rick. They arrive back to the group, in lots of sunshine at this point, and finally Negan knows what he has to do. He calls Carl forward and marks on his arm the place that Rick has to cut off unless he wants everyone in the group to die. Carl is fine with this so long as no one else gets killed. And just has Rick is about to do it, Negan stops him because he’s finally made Rick understand and taken the smug look out of his eyes.


Negan and his people leave the group with the RV and tell them they will be visiting Alexandria in a week to lay out the new world order and to collect supplies. Negan has taken Daryl with him because well “I like him” and to also keep him has leverage over Rick. The group has to pick up with bodies of Glenn and Abraham to bring back to get buried. Maggie even after witnessing Glenn get killed still wants to fight and stop Rick. The others know that they are out numbered and stand no chance of beating Negan or his people. Maggie is still in horrible shape and needs to get to Hilltop in order to know what is going on with the baby. However, at this point she may lose the baby due to all the damn stress of the past few hours.

“You work for me. You provide for me. Get it?” -Negan

Overall this episode is grotesque. It’s brutal. It’s beyond anything the previous episodes or seasons have done for The Walking Dead. It’s the only way Negan and his group (The Saviors) could be introduced into the story-line. I was surprised at 2 deaths but if you’re going to go big, you might as well do it all the way. The wait of 22 minutes into the episode to find out who got killed first was over-kill on there part. I know that I’m not the only one who was annoyed by this especially after having to wait months to know. I am very impressed with Jeffrey Morgan’s performance as Negan, he’s never disappointed me in any character I’ve seen him play. I give the episode 8 out of 10 stars. I dock a star because of the 22 minute to wait to find out who got killed and I dock another star because we really didn’t see much this episode.

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Mary Winchester


Mary Winchester is back. That’s right at the end of season 11 The Darkness paid back Dean for all his help in reuniting God and her, she gave him his greatest wish. That of course was getting his Mom back. After all Sam and Dean go visit their parents grave right before they think and believe Dean is going to have to kill himself in order to stop The Darkness. There’s a lot of foreshadowing in the final episode of season 11 and even before that to let you know that Mary is coming back.

What does this mean though? How will it affect Dean? How will it affect Sam who has never known is Mom? So many questions but we do have a few answers and some issues with the timeline and previous plots too that I’d like to discuss. I mentioned this in my review of the season 12 premiere. I wanted to do a separate post to discuss this and to see if anyone else noticed the problem.

Here is what we do know. We know that Mary Winchester was raised to be a Hunter. She of course didn’t want that and decided after her parents were killed by Yellow Eyes that she would live a life away from hunting with her then boyfriend John Winchester. We know that Yellow Eyes killed John and then made a deal with Mary to bring John back and to of course visit Sam in his crib in 10 years. We know that Yellow Eyes bled into Sam and Mary caught him, recognizing Yellow Eyes and then was buried on the ceiling in their bedroom. And thus we have the Winchesters, Men of Letters and lifetime Hunters. There’s other details in their too but we could be here a while going through them.


I want to point out something that was brought up in the season 12 premiere. Dean explained who he was and how he knew things because Mary had no idea who Dean was when they first came face to face. Understandable since she’s been dead and last time she was alive Dean was 4. Here’s the issue though, Dean has seen and talked to Mary in his older state. He has traveled not once but twice to the past to visit/talk with Mary Winchester. Not only that, Sam went with him once. This was back in seasons 4 and 5. Dean in season 4 when Castiel sent him back to see how this all began with Mary making the deal. In season 5 both Dean and Sam went back after Anna was set on killing Mary before Sam could be born thus stopping the apocalypse. In season 4 Dean introduces himself as another hunter but does leave some clues to Mary to help try and stop the future impact on his life.

The key point here is what happens in season 5. In season 5 Dean and Sam arrive at Mary’s door to warn her about Anna and she REMEMBERS Dean and of course all of the events that unfolded in their previous meeting. This is a key point because in season 12, Mary says she has no memory of EVER MEETING Dean. She has never seen him but when he is a little kid. So if she didn’t remember him now, how did she remembers him before? I would like to note that this isn’t the first time the writers/producers of the house have totally screwed up the past story line with the present. It is however important to note because without the past incidents then we couldn’t have the future we have.

“But to actually do it after 30 years, a lot has changed.” – Mary

I’m hoping this will get explained but I’m more leaning on that they’re hoping no one would notice. Sorry guys, I pay attention and I wasn’t going to let this one slip bye. I’m sure the easiest way is that the angels cleared her memories but if that’s the case then how did she remember him when they visited in season 5? No memory erasing there.

Did anyone else notice this? Did anyone else think it funny how she didn’t remember now but did back then? And how do you think this could be explained away. I’m open to a discussion.


Supernatural returns for a 12th season


Its seems like one of my favorite shows isn’t going anywhere soon. Supernatural is in it’s 12th season as of yesterday and it’s picking up where it left off and getting back to its roots. Mary, Dean and Sam’s mom is back and while she doesn’t remember dying or ever meeting Dean before (more on that here) and is trying to catch up with the world. Meanwhile, Castiel is landing back on planet Earth and clearly pissed back being thrown around. We all remember where Sam is, hurt from a woman across the pond and we don’t know how long it will go on.

Sam is of course Sam and isn’t afraid of the two women who are holding him. He can’t really think they’ll do anything worse then that of Lucifer who tortured him in Hell. And Sam has clearly had worse then these two women can do. Also, if they just wanted to ask some questions, I think the kidnapping him, typing him up and threatening torture is a bit excessive don’t ya think?

Castiel is back to his season 4 self who is more of a tough guy then this quiet puppy in the corner. I say that with all of the love in the world but lets to be honest, last night Castiel was in “don’t mess with me” mode. Mary really seemed to like him too, even after she learned who and what he was. That says a lot too.

“No I don’t have a harp.” – Castiel

Dean however is still trying to come to terms with having Mary back. He doesn’t know what it means or how to go from this. He also has to rescue Sam and for a minute get Castiel back who is happy to hear he’s still alive. Dean hasn’t really shared his story as to what happened with The Darkness and God but he’s got bigger problems because if there’s one thing we know about Dean, nobody messes with his little brother.

Crowley is hunting Lucifer which is just a bad idea all the way around. He knows that he can’t take Hell back until Lucifer is dead but does he really believe he can kill Lucifer? Lucifer of course is burning through vessels like there pieces of candy. Luckily for Crowley he’s got two dumb demons who don’t realize their being followed until it’s too late. I can’t wait to see who Lucifer finds for his vessel.

“Sam and me, saving people and hunting things, this is what we do.” – Dean

Most of this episode was a lead up to something bigger next week but it was also full of “can I slap her” moments between the two British women and a couple of times Mary Winchester. Honestly I get that coming back is tough and it would be hard to understand the 30 year difference but at some point, you’re hunting and your two children are here and alive. Accept it and take it on one day at a time. I enjoyed the moments where they get back to the roots of this show and I hope this develops well with the Men of Letters across the pond. I give it 9 out of 10 stars!

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Deepwater Horizon – Movie Review


Deepwater Horizon is a bio-pic telling the story of the BP oil spill that took place in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 22, 2010 and with that spilling more more then 200 million gallons of crude oil in 87 days, making it the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. This bio-pic, directed by Peter Berg tells the story of the crew who managed to escape, those who didn’t and how and what happened before and after this disaster.

There are several events that lead up to the actual disaster and all of which that could’ve been avoided had BP not taken short cuts to save money. The basic message of this movie is the corporate greed. I have to say this story, having read and see it happen on the news in 2010 is nothing compared to the story told in this movie.


On April 20, 2010, a blowout and series of explosions on the oil rig Deepwater Horizon irreparably damages and sinks the oil rig, resulting in the death of eleven workers and releasing 10s of millions of gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S.’ worst ever oil spill. Mike Williams (played by Mark Wahlberg, Lone Survivor and Transformers 4) and Caleb Holloway (played by Dylan O’Brien, Maze Runner and The Internship) two of more than 120 crew members on board, help rescue some of their ship mates, while Mike’s family back home deals with the fallout of the disaster. There are other crew members who sacrificed their lives in order to make sure their friends and co-workers got to safety.

“I will see my family again!” – Mike Williams

Deepwater Horizon is a movie you have to see. You need the full story on what happened and how things did or didn’t happen. It wont be a waste and trust me it’s a great movie. I give it 10 out of 10 stars. The only thing I will say is that there is a preview for Mark’s next bio-pic and while I know that at some point someone would make it into a movie, I don’t think making the Boston Marathon Bombings into a movie so soon was a good idea.


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Proxy say what? – Short Film Review

Those awkward conversations. We all have them, some more then others and sometimes it all depends on the topic at hand. In any relationship whether it’s family or friends or your significant other, those awkward moments are going to happen.

So do you have one that stands out in your mind? Maybe it comes to those moments where you talk about the “what if”. Well Proxy takes a look at that awkward conversation and what follows during and after. And I’ll be honest, it’s pretty much dead on those for those weird awkward conversations.


Proxy while a little cheesy at times does play into the “what if” and how everyone has their own way of viewing things. Some people know exactly what they want when they die and how it should be handled, all of which is the normal (funeral and then in the ground). Some people however have a different take on a death and want to be buried and grow into a tree, all of which made me think of a Dan Cook joke about an argument he had with an atheist. Both of which are hilarious when someone says out loud. I give Proxy 8 out of 10 stars for nailing the awkward dead on. You can watch it below:

The unfortunate incident

You know when you’ve done or gone somewhere for an extended period of time you can’t imagine it not being there? Well I am in that boat. Sadly the woman whose been cutting my hair for 16 years retired. I didn’t know this until I went to her salon and she had sold it.

16 years she’s been cutting my hair. I’m 26. That’s quite an amount of time. Now she wasn’t young and I knew it was coming but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. She has had a tough couple of years, personally. Haven’t spent so much time in her chair, I know. It saddens me and leaves me in an awkward place.

So the time came for me to find a new stylist/place to get my hair cut. The woman who took over is someone my Mom used to go too and didn’t have a good experience. I called around and picked one. I should’ve looked more.

First the girl tried to cut my hair with the product in and then was irritated when she had to wash it. Keep in mind the wash is supposed to happen regardless and part of the cost of my cut. Second, she kept stopping to answer the phone or help someone who walked in. Third I wasn’t even there for 25 minutes. All of this should’ve been clues. But I got my hair cut and thinned and went home. 

When I got home and rewashed my hair to style it (because she didn’t have anything for my hair aka curls) I saw that she hasn’t cut my hair even in spots. And I’m not talking small, I’m talking significant difference. Annoyed before this and now I was pissed. Listen I know change is hard and all and my hair is curly and sometimes makes it difficult to cut but if you tell me you’ve cut curly hair for years and do this, yeah I’m not going back. So I fixed where the length was different and styled it.

My hair is cut and thinned but I’m never going back to that salon. I’ll worry about finding a new one when I need a cut. I’m just really bummed. All in all, my hair don’t look that bad right?

This election

Its safe to say our election this year is a joke. We have Trump who is a horrible person and you have the criminal Clinton. Both choices are not good and most people are looking to choose a lesser evil. But remember you have 3rd party choices too.

You don’t have to pick a Democrat or Republican. You can pick the Green party or the Liberal party. You have other choices. If your vote matters that very policitian claims then its your choice to vote for whomever you want. 

I voted for Bernie Sanders, so what has been occuring isn’t my choice. I’m not strictly one party. I believe your votes should come with research into candidates and to make the choice that matches your views and to not settle.

You have choices. You have a chance. You get to choose, that’s important. There are people who don’t get to choose. Remember that.

As for the news on Trump recently, listen I think the guy is a fool and no matter how bad things get or what he says, people will still vote for him. And he knows that. But these comments on women shouldn’t be that surprising. So why the media has to go nuts about it is beyond me. And Clinton has her faults too. I won’t deny that.

All I ask is for you to make an informed choice. Make sure you know that your vote, for whomever it is, has an impact. And of course, vote. Always vote.