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Always be a lady

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Wise words from a smart woman

No I am not talking about myself.

“You can’t win unless you’re playing the game.” – Grandma Phillis

Smart woman. She taught me a lot. Although she died when I was 10, I will never forget her. She taught me the love of cooking and baking. She taught me to always be honest because it was the only way to be real with someone. She taught me that even if your chances are small in winning, you should always be a part of the game.

That being said, I’m working on my artwork/graphics for the Orphan Black poster contest. Yes my chances of winning are small and there are probably way more talented people out there then me but I am going to do it anyway. Gotta get your hand in there right?


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Supernatural Meme of the Day



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The Walking Dead Meme of the Day


Seriously this wait is the worst part of loving TV and having favorite shows.

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Devil in the Details – Supernatural – TV Show Review


When it comes to Supernatural, I have certain expectations to be met. Certainly is fair since this show is now on its 11th season and going strong so when it came to the Winter premiere (aka the 2nd half of the season) I was curious as to how the “cage in hell” situation would play out. We ended the previous episode with Sam talking to Lucifer and then somehow getting trapped in the cage. Needless to say we knew that eventually Dean would come and get Sam out. What we didn’t know was why Lucifer was pushing Sam so hard.

It’s easy to assume because Lucifer wants out of the cage and hell. This is always going to be his main goal, no matter who’s involved. But lets just think back on this. Lucifer chose to give the images to Sam, to draw him in. If he was pretending to be God, then he could’ve eventually convinced Sam to let him out without Sam visiting. Instead Lucifer drew Sam in, making him show up at the cage, with all of his players lined up exactly where he wanted them. For a guy trapped in a cage in hell, that’s some big moves.

“Snapping necks and cashing checks, it’s what I do.” – Lucifer


The first obvious point is that Rowena was in on it the whole time. You didn’t honestly think she was going to help Sam and Crowley without having another plan going did you? This is annoying, stupid Rowena who is always hunting for power, which is her downfall. Lucifer pulled her in the same way he pulled the demons in back in season 4 and 5. He has a game plan and while he’s stuck in hell or not at full power, he needs “others” to do things for him. So he jumped into Rowena’s dream and got her attention, with power.

The walk through memory lane with Sam was kind of pointless. Sure Lucifer did it to convince Sam to say yes and let him out but after all this time, you really think Sam hasn’t learned a thing or too when it comes to Lucifer. I do regret saying that because I would’ve thought he’d know better than to go ask Lucifer for help but he did. Anyway, Lucifer uses all of Sam’s mistakes from Season 5 finale til present to try and get his attention. He wants to prove to Sam that his mistakes led to where he currently was, that Lucifer had been watching the whole time.


“This is the Sam Winchester that I remember: bold, decisive, solid B on the tongue action.” – Lucifer

Here’s the first problem with that, Lucifer wasn’t able to get a hold of Sam until after The Darkness was let out and it cracked the cage. So how could he have watched Sam that whole time? No he didn’t. Whenever Sam had a vision that was Lucifer jumping into his head to learn what Sam had been up to since the last time he saw him. After all, let’s not point out that the entire time Sam was out but his soul was still in the cage wasn’t brought up once by Lucifer, no it was simply all of the memories had before or after that point.

Meanwhile, Dean is just figuring out that Sam is missing. He gets a “smiting sickness” for being too close to where the angels tried to blast Amara aka The Darkness to kill her. The funny part is, I never even thought for a second that would work. And from what little Castiel said, I don’t think he did either, given he was more than ready to go see if she was alive or not. The Darkness did in fact survive, save now that her dress is a little dirty. She was knocked out but she wasn’t down for the count by any means. But Amara points out the one thing that we all have known, Castiel isn’t a typical angel, he was created to be different, he was meant to stand out. We just don’t know why, and neither does Amara but she does use his difference to send Castiel to Dean who is with Crowley in hell at this point.

“Watch your step, it’s a long way down.” – Billy

Dean arrives at a door in some factory where Billy, the reaper that Sam met earlier in the season is guarding the door. Weird that a reaper who laid into Sam in a previous episode would suddenly be working for Crowley again. I’m thinking she’s in hot water for threatening Sam and went to Crowley for protection, even though she says she working with not for, same different Billy. So Dean and Crowley have already captured Rowena is a witch’s lock. Unsure of the exact name of it, just a big huge iron collar with a chain attached. Crowley gets to have a little S and M moment there. This lock will make Rowena do whatever the person holding the chain wants. And after learning that Rowena helped Lucifer, Crowley is suddenly willing to help Dean again.


Crowley who has been saying he will not work with the Winchesters again, is working with them. He never can do what he says, thus his flaw as King. Plus, anyone else think that Jon is probably pissed as hell that his boys are still working with a demon. I mean look back to season 4 of Supernatural where Dean couldn’t deal with Sam using Ruby for help, but Crowley is just fine? Two sides to a coin I guess. And Dean and Crowley do have history, but I do not think this would sit well with Jon.

“My answer is ‘No’. This isn’t cuz of Dean or the past. This is about me having faith in my friends, having faith in my family. We will find a way. I’m ready to die. And I’m ready to watch the people I love die. But I’m not ready to your bitch.” – Sam

Castiel shows up after Amara blasts him to wherever Dean is with a message on his chest “I am coming”. Simple, straight to the point, just like The Darkness. Dean and Castiel make there way to the cage, and are invited in by Lucifer. They think they’re going to be able to kill him this time, angel blade or not. The problem is that Lucifer has home field advantage and is much stronger then all three of them combined.

Sam isn’t going to say yes. Dean isn’t going to leave without killing Lucifer and at this point we’re at a stalemate. Both sides have no hand except Lucifer killing Dean. In true form however, Castiel isn’t going to let that happen and turns the fight to him. Lucifer asks him the same question and then suddenly the spell Rowena was doing happens and Castiel, Dean and Sam are out of the cage and Lucifer is thrown back in his corner, or so you are led to believe.


“Seriously? I mean, Heaven brought the thunder and it barely even scratched my paint job. But you and a shiny knife, sure that’s gonna work.” – The Darkness

Here’s the point that I was waiting for. I knew Lucifer was going to get out of this somehow, whether it was through Rowena turning the spell or jumping into someone. I knew he would get out. Plus the “bright light” that made Lucifer disappear is the same light that is used when an angel is being taken into a vessel. In that moment, I knew what Castiel had done. He was done what he always does, screw things up because he can’t learn. This isn’t his flaw, the difference that God gave him, not his is him thinking he knows better when he has no idea. So needless Lucifer is inside Castiel and the Winchesters have no idea.

Rowena gets killed, finally. I must say I was happy to see her neck get snapped but not by Castiel. I was really hoping that Dean would be the one to do it or Crowley. Not Lucifer. Although I know why Lucifer did because he needed to finish his plan and tie up any loose ends, Rowena being one of them. And that’s the episode.

First I would like to point out that this episode dragged a few things out longer than necessary. Castiel looking to see if Amara was alive, that was obvious the moment Dean started getting sick. I knew she was alive, the angels have nowhere near the power to kill her. Second, Rowena had to die this episode but is she actually dead? This is the woman who has faked her death before and stayed hidden for hundreds of years. Third, Castiel letting Lucifer in, stupid. Lame, horrible on both the character and the writer’s choice. You couldn’t have come up with a better way of getting Lucifer out? This is the easiest thing to do, instead you can’t write something like Rowena changed the spell to allowing not only the boys out but Lucifer too? Such disappointment. Fourth and final, where are Adam and Michael. Sure Lucifer pointed out that cage life isn’t going well for Michael, he’s in a corner singing to himself but Adam, no mention of that what so ever. And if there are an infinite number of cages in hell, which is the writer’s way of saying that’s why we didn’t see Michael and Lucifer, wouldn’t that be a sign that somehow Lucifer could get out?

“You’d do anything to save him and he’d do anything to save you and that is the problem. Instead of choosing the world, you choose each other, no matter how many innocent people die.” – Lucifer

They never really solved the question, just took an easy excuse out. Explain it to be writers and producers. Stand by what you did and be firm. Instead you create all these other things in hopes that people like myself will ignore it. Nope, not going to happen. You’re going to throw Lucifer back into the mix, I’m going to wonder about Adam.

I give this episode 7 out of 10 stars.

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The Walking Dead meme of the day


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January 19, 2016 · 7:33 pm

The Forest – Movie Review


The Forest, directed by Jason Zada and written by Nick Antosca, and Sara Cornwell is the story about a woman’s journey into a mysterious forest in Japan in search of her missing twin sister.

                Sara (played by Natalie Dormer, The Tudors and Game of Thrones) gets a phone call from the Japan police telling her that her twin sister Jess (also played by Dormer) is missing and was last seen going into Aokigahara forest. This forest is found at northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan known, known as the suicide forest.

                The movie plays on the legend that in ancient times families would abandon people in the forest during periods of famine. This would lead to less mouths to feed and more food for the rest of the family. Those lost in the forest would eventually die due to starvation. Legend has it that because of this, Aokigahara is haunted by the souls of those forced to die in the forest.

“My sister Jess and I, we are identical twins. Once something happens to the one of us, the other one could tell. It’s hard to explain, but I can just feel it. She’s in trouble, and she needs me.” – Sara

                As you move through the movie, Sara meets Aiden (played by Taylor Kinney, Chicago Fire and Shameless) at a hotel in the forest just off the main road. Aiden is a journalist from Australia and wants to do a story on Sara’s search for Jess. Kind of weird at first but we’ll go with it, especially since he’s the key to getting someone to guide Sara through the forest. The guide is Michi (played by Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Joker Game and April Fools), he is a suicide walker, he walks through the forest, only in the day to locate the bodies of those who have killed themselves.


                They find Jess’ tent and Sara and Aiden stay. Sara starts to see the spirits in the forest and realizes that Aiden is not the persons he thought he is. A stranger in a bar, really? She runs from him and falls into one of the many ice caves located under the forest and is saved by none other than Aiden. They arrive at an old Ranger’s station and Sara thinks that Jess is trapped in the basement, killing Aiden believing he had Jess the whole time. Sara has flash backs to when her parents died, an apparent murder/suicide and her Dad attacks her. Using a knife, she cuts herself free and flees, running the spirits. Just then Jess appears, and finds the search party, led by Michi and Sara’s husband Rob (played by Eoin Macken, The Tudors and Merlin). Jess finds her safety but Sara realizes she can’t leave the forest, for when she cut herself free she cut herself and bled out into of that old Ranger’s station.


                Overall, the movie doesn’t really develop much of a story. I expect more when it comes to ghosts and legends. The story sticks right to simple, enter the forest, you don’t come out. There are very few spots where you would actually jump, not playing up on the creepy and pop out factors. The twins only know the other is alive because of the “invisible” force that binds them, whether you believe in that or not. Also, the cuts that Sara has or gives to herself are not deep enough for her to bleed out in a short amount of time, let alone from one wrist.  I was a bit disappointed to be honest. I give the movie 6 out of 10 stars.

“The Forest has a way of getting inside of people. See things they wouldn’t normally see. Just remember, it’s all in your head.” – Michi

                Now let me just say that by seeing this movie I do not think it glamourizes the forest in anyway. Those who go to Aokigahara to commit suicide do it by choice. Suicide is a selfish act. Please remember this. I’ve seen the posts regarding boycotting this movie for it “glamourizing” the real story amount of people who come to commit suicide there. The movie talks about that, shows you how the people near there deal with it and how people are “collected” after they are found. Yes, the movie has its own story twist but that’s Hollywood for you.

If you want to learn more about the Aokigahara Forest, here is a video (runtime 20):

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