A Dog’s Purpose


I’m a sucker for animal movies. The only downside for me is that I have to bring a handful of tissues with me to the theater because no matter what they make me cry. A Dog’s Purpose is not an exception to that rule, in fact I told people to bring tissues shortly after I saw it. My Dad was even crying. It goes straight to the heart especially if you have/had a dog.

This was me, and then this was me, then I came back as this little guy. A lot of lives for one dog to live, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning. For me it all began with a boy, his name was Ethan.” – Bailey

A Dog’s Purpose moves through the same dog, living several different lives. The man question he keeps asking through the movie is what is the meaning of life? Why was he here? And throughout his lives and the humans he has come to know and love, he learns all about that. Bailey is who we can call him, even though he has different names throughout each of his lives. Bailey learns the hard lives that some boys lives and how sometimes things at home are not what they seem.

“I had a purpose. I was needed again, and again, and again. With each new life I was learning a new lesson.” – Bailey

Bailey and his boy Ethan, meet when Ethan and his mom save Bailey from a hot car. Bailey quickly becomes Ethan’s closest friend and follows him everywhere. He goes through several tough situations with Ethan, with his abusive father and his first love. Bailey even helps save Ethan and his Mom after a kid at Ethan’s school decides to take his anger out in the worst way, burning down Ethan’s house. Ethan however is getting older and has to continue on his life and when he leaves for college, he is forced to leave Bailey behind. Bailey doesn’t understand and you see Bailey get older and start showing his age while Ethan is away. Eventually the time has come and Bailey has to be put down. And then we start a new life.


Each life that Bailey lives he is helping his owner. He is a cop dog who saves his owner’s life. He is a little dog who helps his owner find love while also finding it himself. And in each time, he’s hoping to find that one person who can help him get back to Ethan. He is starting to slowly remember when he is abandoned after an owner got tired of him (which is way more common then you think). He is also to do that by finding a scent that is familiar to him, it’s the scent of Ethan’s former girlfriend Hannah. Bailey is also to make it back to Ethan but he is a different dog of course. Ethan takes him in, calling him “Buddy”. They quickly fall into the same routine but Bailey wants Ethan to know its him, that he’s not “Buddy” but Bailey.


A Dog’s Purpose is a family movie that I high recommend you see if you have/had a dog. It shows you the loyalty that dogs give us even when we don’t deserve it. It shows how cruel people can be to their animals. It shows that a dog is a huge responsibility and should never be taken lightly. It’s a story about friendship, love and support from the best friend a man or woman can have. I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

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Don’t Think It, Don’t See it


I didn’t plan on seeing this movie. Mostly because scary movies are usually a disappointment for me. I’ve rarely ever scared and by the time the movie ends, I’m usually rooting for the killer to win. That’s the kind of person I am when it comes to scary movies. However, I won tickets for this movie from the local theater so I took my brother-in-law with me to see it.

Bye Bye Man starts off interesting. It begins with a man going on a killing spree in his neighborhood. Apparently he told people something he shouldn’t and the only way to stop it was to kill them. It takes place in the 1960s. Jump forward to what we can assume is present day to three young adults who have no connection to our murderous man in the beginning. They’re going to rent a house for the rest of their college year and have their own place. Three friends who think they have it all.

They have a house warming party where Elliot’s niece is present (not sure this is a great place for a little kid to be running around). She goes upstairs to Elliot’s bedroom and finds a gold coin, which after she opens a little storage door in the room, a beast on the other side of the room pokes its head out. The little girl of course sees none of this and puts the coin back in the drawer in the nightstand and heads down. Elliot’s girlfriend Sasha thinks something weird is happening in the house and has her “medium” friend Kim come over to take a look at the place and burn sage in the house too.

“Don’t think it. Don’t Say it.” – Elliot

This is where things just start to go downhill. Kim doesn’t like the house. Elliot finds the nightstand drawer is filled with “Don’t think it, don’t say it” and then the name Bye Bye Man carved into the drawer. This means that these four people are now cursed to die at the hands of this man and his what I can only determine is a hell hound. More weird things start to happen and basically hallucinations and things not being what they seem are the main signs. Elliot goes to the college campus library to find more information and finds the man who went on a killing spree at the beginning of the movie. Elliot believes that Larry’s wife man have the key to stopping all of this from happening.

She doesn’t because she never heard the name and she never wanted too. She believes that Larry only did what he did to stop Bye Bye Man from coming and saving them from a worse death. Larry kills himself in the end by drinking draino to poison himself to death. Now this where you’d think we’d start to get a turn to the story. Nope. Elliot figures out that Bye Bye Man only gets his power by you believing that the hallucinations are real. Perfect, stop believing and he’ll never be able to get to you. Well the librarian has killed her family and is on her want to kill Elliot and his friends. Elliot rushes home to save his friends, hit the librarian with his car and then keeps heading home. Elliot of course is starting to have hallucinations again and can’t seem to realize he having them. Sasha is fighting with John and they struggle with a pair of scissors. Elliot thinks John is attacking/stabbing Sasha but it’s actually Sasha attacking John. Elliot shoots Sasha to stop her and Bye Bye Man has arrived with his hell hound. John is left bloody in the bedroom as Elliot runs downstairs.


In the end Elliot stops his brother from seeing what is going on and knowing about the Bye Bye Man. Elliot can’t seem to stop him so he shoots himself in the head. There, all the people who know about him are dead. Or so you think. In true scary movie fashion John is not actually dead, which leads to a possible sequel. John ends up telling the cop about the man and they lead you to believe that Elliot’s niece may have read about Bye Bye Man but she just took the gold coins.

Overall, it’s a bad version of a scary movie. It’s not even scary. The hell hound is a cool CGI affect but after first seeing him, I started rooting for more just to have something different from the horrible story line. Bye Bye Man is a take off of the Greek Ferry Man, Kharon. Kharon transported them across the waters to Haides in his skiff. His fee was a single obolos coin (gold coin) which was placed in the mouth of a corpse upon burial. Those who had not received proper burial were unable to pay the fee and were left to wander, haunting the world as ghosts. That’s who I think Bye Bye Man is supposed to be based off of but I could be wrong. As for the hell hound, well that could play off of a number of things. I give this movie 2 out of 10 stars. Don’t think it, Don’t see it.

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It’s a curious thing

Alright so as part of my goals for 2017 is to find a better job. This is of course easier said then done. I have been trying to do this for the past year, since I graduated in 2015. Now I’m going to temp services in order to see if they can help me. The first one I went too (I wont say the name) said we had to start with my resume, getting to a “fresh” state for job applications.

I’m all for it. I know it’s probably outdated and since schools and colleges don’t teach you how to do one on your own, you have to look online and hope for the best. This is one thing I really wish high schools and colleges would teach people. I had one class that I had to do a mock one for an assignment and that’s basically where mine came from. So yes, it’s outdated. Anyway, I did the work he needed from me for the new one, he put it together and then emailed it to me. Now, at this point I’m expecting to be sent out for interviews. The catch, well he doesn’t have any positions in my field for me to go out on, which is the exact opposite of what he told me the week before. Yes, you read that correctly. It took him a week to get back to me after I completed what needed to be done.

This should’ve been the first red flag. However, I’ve never been to a temp service before and I know I’m not the only person they’re helping. So I let it go. After hearing that, well I guess I need to find a new temp services. This is exactly what I did. Found one, I have a meeting set up the following week. So now today I get an email from the original person telling me he has a positions that would suit me. So I replied asking about the job and then, he tells me he can’t offer me the job. Yes, he takes the offer back. I can’t make this up even if I wanted too, I have the emails to prove it. He took the offer back because the current place I work at is one of their biggest clients and he basically would be taking me away from them for this new positions.

First of all, my current job doesn’t own me. I’m not going to let someone tell me I can’t leave for a better job because of them. Second, why would you offer me a job then take it back when I’m actually interested? Third, do you know how to do your job because I’m questioning everything you’ve said and done for me at this point. The happy outcome, you told me what the position was and for what company so I went and applied on their company website myself. I’ll skip the middle man. We’ll just wait to see what happens.

It’s a curious thing when someone is supposed to help you get a job but isn’t willing to do it because of where you currently work. At least I’m working, there’s quite a few people my age who are not. I’ve been working all through college. I’m not struggling to pay my bills because of that student loan payment. Seriously though, before I went to University for my year and half, I never had a loan. I paid for college out of pocket. I worked my butt off to do this but I did it all the same. Now I’m about 14k in the hole for that year and a half of college. I know it’s nothing compared to some people I know but to me, that’s a lot of money. I could really use a lottery win right now.

I’m hoping this new temp service will be able to help me. The person I talked to seemed much more edger to help and seemed to know what she was doing. I’m hoping it works out. I did all of her requests before the meeting yesterday so I’m ahead of the game. I’m looking forward to that next week and then my family trip too. It’s going to be a blast taking the little ones to the water park and staying wit them all weekend. I’m really looking for the break.