Winter Time

The snow is officially here. Yes it’s the not the first snow fall here but this one is gonna stick around. It only took a few hours but boom here we have a nice powder coating. I love the first big snow fall. The pictures can’t match it to be honest and even with my Nikon I can’t really capture it.

I say this now as a reminder to myself in about a month I’ll be complaining that it’s cold. I don’t mind the cold per say but when it’s single digits, my goodness I just want to curl up in bed and binge watch my shows. I think we all do or want that at some point. Here are a couple of my pictures.

I have updated the look/texture of the blog to match the season. I always do. Here’s to winter and it finally deciding to show up this December.


Somatic – A short film review

Second chances, I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve wanted one. I can admit to about a handful of times I wish I had been given a second chance to do something over. A chance to get it right, a chance to see it through from what it was. These are the things that stay with us, haunt us sometimes. Just imagine however for a split second, you could in fact get that second chance.


Somatic is a short film about a second chance. A chance to look at the life George Watson has lived and in all that time, what he would’ve done differently. He is a wise man and while he admits to several things he wishes he could change about the past, including the war. George has something much more important on his mind, the one thing he can’t seem to let go. He would give anything to see Margaret again. Just five minutes longer to dance with her, just five minutes.

“That’s the most important word: being. Being lost in the moment. Being at peace with the world. Being stronger and braver for myself and those around me.” – George


This line sat with me after I watched Somatic. I didn’t understand why at first but after a few minutes of pondering why George’s words seem to sit with me I realized that he is right. Being is the most important. Our being able to understand the smallest moments that will haunt us. Our being able to not take for granted what we have and to grieve the lost we have experienced. Our being shouldn’t be wasted, it should be celebrated.

Somatic is a moving short film about not only wanting second chances but understanding the experiences and lessons behind every decision you make. Second chances are not meant to be and while we may wish otherwise, we will most likely never get the chance like George does. I give it 10 out 10 stars.  If you would like to watch Somatic, you can watch it here.

The Cast and Crew of Somatic:

Cast (in order of appearance):
George Watson – Bryan Samson
Doctor Robert Briggs – Daniel Ings
Doctor Mary Thomson – Siobhan Finneran
Young George Watson – Aidan O’Callaghan
Nurse Nancy Williams/Margaret Brown – Billie Fulford-Brown

Director of Photography – Tom McMahon
Focus Puller – Neal Parsons
Gaffer – Huw Garratt
Sound Recordist – Joe Harris
Costume Designer – Natalie Willis
Make-Up Artist – Leanna Henthorne
Hair & Make-Up Artist – Helen Currie
Hair Stylist – Pascal Lombardo
Runner – Luke Wallis
Editor – Nicholas Peel

Directed, Written and Produced by Will Nash
Produced by Zara Ballantyne-Grove
Produced by Upbeat Productions

Twitter Links:

Will Nash: @willwillynash

Somatic: @SomaticFilm

The Ayden Project Update

I have been working with my Aunt and her son Ayden (she has guardianship of him) to help him with his project he’s been doing for the past few years. He hands out blankets to those in need and collects them all year. He handed out blankets in September and was on the news. This made national coverage and was even seen in Italy. I built the website, the social media accounts and helped keep them updated along with my Aunt.

Tonight the local news station returned to an update on what is going on and that Ayden had surpassed his goal for 2017 in only a couple of months. You can read the store here!

You can follow The Ayden Project here: Ayden Project

Twitter: ayden_project

Facebook: Ayden Project

Instagram: Ayden_Project

Just Breathe

I’m disappointed. I’m fearful. I’m in awe. And I’m allowed to feel this way. The moment people say “grow up” or “suck it up” you’re already adding to the hate we’re afraid of. This is the reason we are having mixed emotions. This is why we are emotional. We have already seen the divide and it’s only going to get worse from here.

It’s going to be a ride ladies and gentlemen. As a woman it’s probably going to be quite a change. These are only the start of things that could happen. I said when Trump announced his intentions to run that if he got the nomination he’d win. Never in my wild dreams did I actually think it would happen. I’ve seen several comedians admit the same thing. It was supposed to be a joke but it’s not a joke anymore. It’s real.

We can’t change it. The people have spoken. It is what it is even if we don’t like it. However, even in all this emotions and confusion I’m trying to see the bigger picture. These emotions will unite us. These emotions will make us stronger together. We know it. We are fighters. We can do this. Don’t let the hate win. We can’t let the hate win. I wont let the hate win. Never.

I leave you with these words from National Treasure:


Get Out and Vote 

Today is the day America. We get to choose which way our country is going to go for the next four years. You get to vote. It’s more then just the presidency too! Local and State government officials on on the ballet too.

Get out and vote. You have no right to complain about what happens unless you vote. Get out and vote! I took my 17 month old niece with me and she had fun! 


Very rarely would I admit to an obsession. One because it gives someone your weakness and two because I just don’t like too.

In this case however I am willing to say it. I’m in love with this artist named Loui  Jover. I see the art pieces all over pinterest and I always Repin. I have never seen one I haven’t liked and my goal is to one day own one of Loui Jover’s pieces. I mean these are gorgeous right?

​Obsessed. And I’m okay with it.