First Book Review: Shine by Lauren Myracle


This book I just finished reading about a week ago. It was a random fine for me. And since I enjoyed it so much, I’ve decided to write a review on it.

Shine by Lauren Myracle

The story starts out with a girl named Cat trying to figure out who recently attacked her friend Patrick. Patrick is gay and even though the two of them haven’t been close in the past few years. She still feels that it’s up to her to find out who did it, since he’s comatose and it’s unknown if or when he’ll wake up.

Cat starts out by basically going through her friends list and what she knows of Patrick. Something I think the rest of us would do if we were in this situation. She begins to learn that the people she used to consider friends have a lot more to hide or show than she ever expected. She learns that they were using drugs and that Patrick actually had a secret boyfriend.

The story takes you through not only the search for who attacked Patrick but also through Cat’s past. You learn why she stepped away from her friends and also some of the sick friends Patrick’s friends did. Some of it is shocking to Cat, who basically has been sheltered her whole life. There’s even a small rape scene where, two people see it happening and no one does a thing. Which actually, probably happens on a regular basis.

Anyway, Cat meets up with each of her old friends and starts asking questions. Which leads her on the right path but also into trouble. Afterall, she’s a lot closer to the person who did it than she ever realized (one of the first few people she interviews). She evens meets a college guy who helps her (name escaping me right now). She ends up dating him in the end. This is where she learns also, that Patrick has a boyfriend.

On top of all the character you have to keep track up, you have to remember how this story even got started (sometimes gets lost in the jumps in the past). Anyway, the book over all leads you of course to who did attack Patrick and ultimately that person does die in the end. And Patrick wakes up as well. All is back to normal is there small little town down south.

Over all I’d give this book a 9/10 for a reading level. I give this rating first of all because I feel the plot could’ve gone without some of the flashes to the past but the story was well developed and at the end, I was a bit surprised to learn who had attacked Patrick. I highly recommend this book. Especially if you need to learn a lesson in what true friends are life, even if you don’t talk to them often.

I apologize if you read through this review and didn’t see the SPOILER warning above. But I did put it above. Also since I forgot to add this above…

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