Location: Go Java Coffee

Date/Time: May 31, 2011/1:30pm

Now Playing: Americano by Lady Gaga

I’ve decided to add what you see above to my posts. I think it makes thing a bit cooler. That way I don’t feel like this is a waste of time. After all I’m treating this blog like a diary.

A while ago Amber told me she wanted to start writing again. Mostly because it’s been a while since she’s published anything. The only thing she’s truly published is a paper that she wrote in college. No idea what the title is but that’s pretty much it. She wants to write a book about her experience here at Go Java. Mostly about this idiot/asshole who comes in Jacob.

She used to have a serious thing for him. I still think she does, which makes things with Justin a little awkward don’t ya think? But anyway, so that’s who she wants to write about. Now she isn’t sure what she wants the story to be about, but she wants to base the main character off of me. Now, does that sound like you’re over someone?

No. No. No. Times about a thousand.

Myself however, I have written over 30 stories, all fiction. Although right now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t try to see if I could get something published. Not sure how to go about that. And out of the stories I’ve written. They need to have some work down. They’re basic stories, I need to develop the plot better. I guess that could be a goal of mine for the summer. Goodness knows after my one summer class I’ll have a bit more free time. I guess that’ll be my summer goal. If I can get at least one better developed, maybe I’ll let someone I personally know read it rather than post it on http://born2write.proboards.com/index.cgi?

I’ve got no problem putting it on the internet. But I guess letting someone I personally know and love read them, well that scares me just a bit. I hear that’s a normal writer thing. Who knows, maybe someone I know will really like what I’ve got. I think at least one of my stories is decent. But then again, I am the writer.

My favorite authors, for those of you who are wondering right now, are as follows. Brenda Joyce, Candace Camp, Kim Harrison, J.K Rowling, P.C and Kristen Cast, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cathy Maxwell, Melissa De La Cruz and a whole lot more that I don’t want to list. Needless to say, I read quite a bit. I want to start writing reviews for books too. Which is just another thing to add with this blog.


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