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Date/Time: June 5th 2011/5:35pm

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Just watched the new trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1. Needless to say the thing wasn’t near long enough. And by the looks of it, they cut it right where I expected the book to be broken. I just hope this thing isn’t torn apart.

The book (IMO) is the worst out of the entire series. Way too much build up for a fight that doesn’t happen (sorry if you haven’t read it and I just spoiled something for you). And Bella is pregnant? Umm that’s a bit fare fetched even for a “vampire” book.

My problem with the pregnancy thing is that, okay in most myths if a human becomes pregnant by a demon/vampire or whatever it is, the thing has to be young or newly created. Edward is over 100 years old. His sperm for crying out loud should be long since dead and no way should there even be a chance of a baby. But no Bella still gets pregers.

And the final thing I hated the most Jacob becomes “imprinted” on Bella’s kid. Not that I don’t believe in that stuff for werewolves, but I think it’s a good thing. But, I have an issue with the fact that she’s a kid and okay, it’s her freaking kid. Jacob has been in love from Bella from day 1 in Forks. And then it’s her kid he’s meant to be with? Yeah, try again Stephanie Meyer.

I could really rip this book apart if I wanted, but I enjoyed the first three (minus Edward leaving and the whining of Bella in Eclipse) books. So I will stop it there.

Oh haha I just realized, here’s your link to the trailer.


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