Not a good day…

Location: Home

Date/Time: June 5th 2011/5:30pm

Now Playing: Americano by Lady Gaga

So today officially sucks. Work wasn’t good, which didn’t help my mood since my weekend has basically been a crap for work. Yesterday was fun, went to the Art Festival. But today just turned a 180.

I feel like it’s last year and I can’t do anything to please anyone. That’s basically how 2010 went for me. And I was grateful for it to be over with. But all of a sudden today, it just was like that all over again. I could do nothing to help or stop it.

I know I’m moody, but I’m ready for a vacation and to be honest, my little visitor is here as well. That combination should let me have a little room to breathe. But nope, it’s yell, yell, yell and basically “move the fuck out”. If I could only afford it, I would’ve left the moment that came out.

So I’ll sit here and just not say anything. Talking has gottan me no where except annoying my parents out of there minds and not really caring. So, I’ll be mute. Which is basically how I spent my HS unless someone talked to me.

Good thing I’m good at it.


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