Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Location: Go Java in Grand Rapids, MI

Date/Time: June 13th 2011/9:30am

Now Playing: Don’t Let Me Go by The Click Five

Well everyone, I’m back! I was in Myrtle Beach, SC the past four days and honestly, best vacation I’ve taken in a long time. I was able to spend time with my Mom and Sister and see my Best Friend. Definitely a memorable trip.

The plane ride down was easy, except for the stupid lady who thought bringing her screaming kid back by us was a good idea. Other than that, I have no complaints with Alligiant Air. Thursday (our 1st day there) we did lots of shopping and just walked around to get a feel for the town.

Friday we went to a place called Myrtle Waves and it’s the biggest Water Park in South Carolina. Definitely fun but honestly, the water park in Michigan’s Adventure is better. The wave pool at Myrtle Waves was crap, gentle waves aren’t what I want in a wave pool. The actual slide rides they have (if your in a tube) have speed bumps. Which if you’re sitting, they can hurt. The best ride was the probably the shortest one but it’s called Super Chute and you basically fall down a slide into about 8ft of water.

Saturday was our busiest and longest day. We got up early and went to Alligator Adventure. It’s a huge crocodile and alligator park in Myrtle Beach. They also have Tigers and Lemurs. They house the biggest croc in captivity. He’s about 21ft long and weighs a one Ton. Definitely hard to miss. They do a tiger, lemur and croc feeding. All of which are worth seeing.

The next part of our trip was spent at Ripley’s Aquarium which is at Broadway at the Beach (which actually isn’t on a beach). That place was sooooo cool! I’m like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to aquariums. Anywho, they have horseshoe crabs and sting rays which you can touch and handle. They did a shark feeding when I was there and the one sea turtle they have was missing. We found out later that when they feed the sharks, she’s pulled out of the tank so she wont get attacked. But we did see her later when they put her back in. I wasn’t expecting her to be as big as she was too! But definitely cool.

I got ice cream at the Ben & Jerry’s shop. I got chocolate therapy and yes, it’s definitely therapy. If you love chocolate, I highly recommend it!

But then we went to Tanger Outlets and shopped some more. My best friend met us out there and the last time I saw her was in December so our get together was long over due. But seeing her was also another great moment of the trip.

Sunday we chilled out, drove around Myrtle and then headed home. Amazing vacation that I hope to possibly take again!

One another note, that isn’t exactly related. Although it did happen right before the trip, my two friends Justin and Amber are now officially dating. Yes, they finally made it official on Facebook too. They told there boss and he didn’t freak (Amber is Justin’s manager). So you can see the possible problem there. But I’m glad it worked out and they’re both extremely happy. Even though for a long time they claimed to be “just friends.” haha guess who called it?

Anyway, I’ve got some photos and videos to load. I hope you all have a good Monday!


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