Location: Living room chair at Home

Date/Time: June 16th 2011/5:30pm

Now Playing: WoodTV8 News

I have officially recovered not only from vacation but of having the flu. Yes, that’s right! I had the flu in the middle of June. Who would’ve thought? That’s what I get however when I get on a plane with a few people who were probably sick with it. The downside of being sick is that my pay check is going to be crap. Speaking of which, I need to go check that! haha

Anyways, did you hear about Vancouver riots? Wow pretty darn crazy for just a hockey game. Not that I don’t get that way after the Red Wings win or lose but this is bit much I think. Also, just found out a movie is gonna be made here in Michigan. The James Patterson “Alex Cross” series will be I guess starting it’s movie run. Hopefully it does well, I do enjoy that series.

Alright, time to get something to eat (I smell hashbrowns) and get some sleep. Work at 3am. Story of my summer.


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