Stupid People aka Customers

Location: Meijer store

Date/Time: 2:30pm

Now Playing: Entourage season 6

Working with the public usually means that I see the nice and normal people, the crazies and then the just annoyingly stupid people. Today was the day for stupid people. One lady in particular sticks out this day.

Okay so I was stocking items up in the deli and a lady was talking to another associate in HBC (health/beauty care). Anyway this lady came over to me to ask, “Where is the soy meat.” My reply was “I think it’s over in the cold case in produce, just on the other side of the potatoes.”

She in turns looks at me all pissed and says “Well that’s not very helpful and I’ve asked two people.” She walks away all mad. She then goes and finds my manager and complains.

Seriously? You refuse to go and look and then go and complain about it? Idiot. Completely insane. Definitely a “roll the eyes” moment. Luckily my manager was able to figure out she was the idiot and I didn’t get in any trouble.

This is why working with the public is just ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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