Location: Home, bedroom floor

Date/Time: July 20th 2011/2:10pm (been a while since I posted last)

Now Playing: Poker Face by Lady Gaga

I’ve taken up drawing again. I don’t know why it all of a sudden hit me to do it, but here I sit before you after completing one. I do character drawings (look and draw). I’m going to work through the Sailor Moon characters first. If you don’t remember that show it came out in the late ninties and early 2000. It was on Toonami aka Cartoon Network. It was one of the first anime shows in the USA. I so miss it (been watching episodes online lately).

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2! You must see it. EPIC EPIC movie. I didn’t regret it at all and I wanna see it again. I just don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen it.

I took my “little bro” Tyler out to lunch yesterday for his 20th birthday. He didn’t like the fact that I paid. He’s silly like that. I told him if it bothered him so much, he could take me to lunch another time. I thought that was pretty fair in trade. lol

Anywho, I’m going to a sneak tonight for the new movie Captain America. I’m going to be tired tomorrow at work (have to be in at 3am) but I wanna see this movie so I’m not passing it up. Going with my mom this time instead of my Dad.



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