Drawings – Take 2

Location: Home, living room

Date/Time: June 26th 2011, 4:40pm

Now Playing: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

I posted before that I’ve taken up drawing again and this is true. I’ve completed three, of which I’m very proud of. In other words, that means they turned out really good. I want to now, do something on my own. Sure I can look and draw, a lot of people can, but I want to create something something from scratch. So that’s my next things to do. I want to make something completely unique and me. And I might need some inspiration to find it but I think it can be done. I’ve got a lot of things running through my head as to what I can do.

I guess you could say my muse is back in full swing. Now if I could just finish my stories I’d be set. I’m having a bad case of writer’s block. I see what I want to write in my head, just doesn’t turn out good on paper. I’ve done about four drafts of this second to last chapter and it’s all turned to crap. Yeah, even I can say that out loud. So I’m gonna give it another shot tonight and hopefully it’ll turn out better.



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