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Date/Time: June 26th 2011, 4:12pm

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So if I haven’t already stated it, I’ll say it again. I’M A HUGE FAN OF THE SHOWTIME SHOW, WEEDS! Yes, sad but it’s true. I fell in love with this show from the first episode. I love the characters and the story line. I love the cast and crew that make this show.

What I don’t love is that this might be the last season (season 7).

I’ve been reading articles and some of the characters returning make me see that yes, this is probably true. Nothing official has been stated but I’m sure it’s coming.

Anywho, back to what I was saying earlier.

I’m a fan, no other way of saying it. I fell in love with Nancy Botwin when she was just a Mom trying to get by after the death of her husband. When she was dealing in Arjestic with the help of Heylia and Conrad. Right there was then I knew, this show could get so twisted and I’d keep coming back for more.

So lets move through Weeds…a short version of six seasons.

Nancy deals in Arjestic, gets into some trouble, city burns to the ground (and her house with her help of course). She moves to Renmare (idk the spelling), kills her mother-in-law (with a pillow). Meets Esteban, makes a baby, gets in engaged (break up) then back together. Get married, has issues with a woman named Pilar and Shane (creepy kid but so cool) kills her with a mallet. They flee and travel around the country, all the while Nancy is dealing. Anyway, they end up in Deerborn, MI where Nancy grew up as a kid. She gets caught by Esteban and confesses to killing Pilar.

Now we’re up to season 7.

This season begins with Nancy getting out of jail early (she had a girlfriend in jail), she goes to a halfway house. She learns the reason she’s out early is because Esteban was killed in jail and she’s now safe. She calls her sister Jill (via Skype I’m getting cuz there’s video) and tell her she’s out. Jill then calls Shane the guys who are in Denmark to tell them, they then return to USA. They try to visit her but she takes off and we find out that Nancy had a few secrets in prison. Nancy makes a friend and enlists the help of Silas for her to start dealing, meanwhile Andy is getting in a relationship that is basically complicated beyond words. So she tries to deal, but her supply runs short.

At this same time, she has to leave her job, which she got from Doug, to go to Oakland for a custody hearing regarding Stevie. So she goes, turns out the hearing has been delayed for two months. Silas takes the time to find the Judge and talk to him about Nancy’s “character”. Which we all know isn’t great, but he gives a good speech. Nancy takes off to Jill’s house and tries to get in to see Stevie, this of course fails but she does get the promise of a video chat with her son without Jill knowing.

Silas and Nancy then hop in the car (since they have almost 48 hours to kill) and drive to some place far in the woods. It turns out that the house they stop at is none other than Heylia Jame’s place. This is the woman that got Nancy started, and she’s not happy to see Nancy. Her words are “oh hell no.” haha perfect Heylia.

So we’re waiting for the next episode. This is why i love Weeds. The complications and the need for the next episode, just keeps you wanting another taste.


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