The Color of Night by L.C and John H. Timmerman

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Date/Time: June 26th 2011/8:33pm

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by L.C Timmerman and John H. Timmerman

A Young Mother, a Missing Child and a Cold-Blooded Killer

I just finished reading this book. It’s a true story about a girl named Rachel who is killed and here baby daughter is still missing. Rachel’s father and Uncle are the authors of the book. If you don’t know the story already I’ll give you a description.

The Color of Night is the mystery and death of Rachel Timmerman. It’s unknown as to whether or not her daughter Shannon died the same night or is alive today some where in the world. That truth lies with Rachel’s killer, Marvin Gabrion and he isn’t talking. This murder made headline news back in the late 1990s when Rachel’s body was found and later on in the 2000s when Marvin went onto trial for her death.

The reason this book is important for me isn’t because I knew Rachel, goodness I was a little girl when she died. It’s important to me because of the location and the unknown whereabouts of her baby daughter. The location is my hometown, where Rachel was from. There’s a description in the book that beautifully states what my hometown is like….

“Cedar Springs itself is a pleasant little town, one that could be transplanted with any of a thousand Midwestern towns and not lose it’s identity. A main street runs north and south with a traffic light at the intersection of the country road. A block or two north is the second traffic life, there for no compelling reason. Auto parts stores, a couple of restaurants and a few businesses marked more by hope than success dead-end into a car dealership. There the road forks and the north country begins.” – The Color of Night by John H. and L.C Timmerman

I don’t think my town could be described any better from just a view point. That is Cedar Springs, even that second traffic light for no compelling reason. It’s not just the location of this book that makes me love it. It’s the realness of the story, that fact that it happened here. Well Newaygo County, but still close.

Rachel’s story was put onto headlines across the country. Her story even made it onto an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, which her Dad participated in. The story of Rachel may be solved, but her baby daughter’s isn’t.

Her killer, Marvin is the only man to know what happened to that baby girl.

Now reading through the book it’s pretty clear that Marvin isn’t completely right in the head. After all, his thinking is clearly psychotic, he thinks he’s God. And that everyone is lying around him and we all will pay when we die.

Marvin was charged and found guilty of killing Rachel Timmerman. He was also given life in prison without the possibility of parole. But because his crime (dumping Rachel’s body) was done a mere 227 feet onto Federal land, Michigan (doesn’t have it for state crimes) law states that he can be given the death penalty. So Marvin Gabrion was also given the death penalty, where he now waits on death row.

The question remains, will he ever tell what happened to Shannon?

There is one thing I’d like to point out about this book that will be come quite clear to everyone once you start reading, L.C Timmerman and the rest of Rachel’s family really do hold hope that Shannon is alive. Now they don’t know if she’s happy or not but, they hold a good light that she is alive. Although, they do know it’s possible she died the same night her Mom did.


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