This is why I don’t want to be in the middle of things

Location: Bedroom, Home

Date/Time: July 29th 2011/6:15pm

Now Playing: Americano by Lady Gaga

Oh so earlier too, my Dad wanted me to play bad guy with my brother. Which was it did was what was going to happen anyway tomorrow. My brother is coming over and so are my two nieces. My brother wanted to go fishing, but since I work at like 3am on Sundays and my nieces are going to be over, I wasn’t going to go. So I told him that via text.

He of course go mad, thinking that both my Dad and I didn’t want to go. Which my Dad doesn’t want to go because it’s so hot. But he thought my brother might not wanna go if I didn’t, not the case. Needless to say that’s all been fixed but, just another thing that bugged me.

Also, I have a feeling this weekend is gonna suck ass.


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