Twitter and it’s Trends

Location: Home, bedroom

Date/Time: July 31st 2011/2:52pm

Now Playing: Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

So I’ve come to realize how stupid some of the “TRENDS” on Twitter are. We never really talk about anything worth wild in the world. For instance, the two wars or the debit problem. Nope, we talk about things like the worst song I’ve heard in a while (this is including Rebecca Black) called Swag Daddy by Soulja Boy. Or there’s #thereisthat1person or #reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend.

The first one, can have funny tags along. The second one (beating gf) is not a good one. Seriously, that’s not something I want to read about from guys. That’s not okay. You keep your hands to yourself dicks.

Now I will say this, sometimes there’s a good trend but very few times do I see it.


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