Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

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Date/Time: August 2nd 2011, 3:10pm

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Alright it’s time for another book review. The book I chose this time is Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer.


How many trials can love survive?

This book is the second in a series by Andrea Cremer. The first book is called Nightshade. Bascially, in short review of the 1st book, Calla is a werewolf (alpha of her pack) and she’s supposed to marry Ren (the other alpha of their pack). She meets the new kid named Shay and everything changes. She turns him into a werewolf and finds out he’s actually a Searcher (they’re witches/hunters who kill werewolves due to past history). They fall in love and right when she’s supposed to marry Ren, she decides to save Shay’s life and run off with him.

That’s book one, in a short review. Now onto Wolfsbane.

Wolfsbane for me was a disappointing sequel to the first book. I couldn’t help but think while I was reading it that all Calla did was wine and complain about which guy she really wanted (flashes of Bella Swan from Twilight played in as well). She of course wants to rescue Ren, which she does with help of Searchers she teams up with. She also finds out that Shay is the “Scion” which is basically a powerful witch that was in a prophecy since the Searchers first formed. When they try to rescue Ren, he tries to stop her and that makes them lose a few people on the Searchers side and they don’t save Ren. Calla does get her pack together, but she finds out that her brother is no longer a werewolf and betrayed them to get his “werewolf” back.

Meanwhile, Calla is having this tug of war thing with Shay as to whether or not she should tell him she loves him. She always clearly through most of the book is jealous of another girl. She also can’t decide if she wants to sleep with Shay or not (basically she’s supposed to be a virgin and only sleep with the name who is going to be her other alpha of the back aka, Ren). She in the end sleeps with Shay and tries to hide it from her friends Sabine and Bryn. They of course know and thinks it’s a good thing, say Shay has always been an alpha and that’s why Ren didn’t want him around.

Meanwhile, the girl who was making Calla jealous the entire time, wants her help. Her name is Adne. She, as you find out throughout the book, is Ren’s sister (half). She isn’t a werewolf, let me clarify. They have the same father, who Ren believes killed his mother (which is false). Anywho, she wants to go back and rescue her brother and wants Calla to help. Somehow, Calla thinks this is a good idea and they go. Needless to say, you don’t find out, that’s the cliff hanger of this book.

My guess is that in the next one, they once again fail. This means that Shay and the rest of Calla’s pack will come to get her. Which will cause all kinds of drama when Ren realizes Calla slept with Shay.

I thought the pace of this book was, good but slow. I thought there was a lot of unnecessary things and there were many times I rolled my eyes at her “uncertainty” when it came to Shay. I’m sorry, but if your willing to not marry the man you were promised to since birth, make Shay a werewolf and save his life, betraying your own kind. There’s no decision to be made, that’s it. You chose Shay. No taking it back. So just get over it already, cause Ren wont have it when he finds out (because you know he goings too in book 3).

The 3rd book in this series is called Bloodrose. It’s scheduled release date (according to Barnes & Noble) is 2/21/2012. So you’ve got wait.


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