Object Impermanence – Weeds

Location: Home, bedroom

Date/Time: August 2nd 2011/10:37pm

Now Playing: Bad Kids – Lady Gaga






It’s the 6th episode of Weeds, season 7. You begin to wonder what kind of trouble Nancy Botwin can get herself into next. Especially after the cliffhanger that was episode 5. That’s right people, HEYLIA is back and she’s not happy to see Nancy. Also, Dean comes along for the ride.

This episode lets you see that no matter what, Heylia is a business woman and, she knows that her feelings need to be put aside if she’s to make a deal with Nancy. Nancy and Silas finally have it out about his parentage, meaning his biological Dad. She doesn’t really give you much that you don’t already know. Juda didn’t know Silas wasn’t his and Nancy never told him. She also never planned to tell Silas. SHOCKER! lol not really but thought I’d say it anyway.

Anywho, you find out that there’s a little love connection between Dean and Heylia. I find this completely adorable. Love the idea! Also, Shane shows he’s still obsessed with Mom. He also somehow wants to make things like they were in season 1. You know this is gonna back fire.

So we wait for episode 7. Hopefully we’ve got another season. Still no official words on it. I wish they’d put it out there already.


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