Books to TV series?

Location: Home, living room, chair

Date/Time: August 7th 2011/1:40pm

Now Playing: The Hills

I just read an article that one of my favorite book series is going to be made into a film/tv series. This is what throws me…is it going to be a movie or tv series? There’s no clear answer. Also, the company that bought the rights, have no credibility. I also don’t think the deal (at leas what was told) is a good one. I really think this book series could’ve done better, I was thinking HBO or Showtime, not this, no network connection company.

The book series is The Dark-Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon. The problem is that they’ll be starting with her Chronicles of Nick before moving on. If you know anything about this series, you know that The Dark-Hunters are what made Nick, so starting with Nick just doesn’t work.You need to start with The Dark-Hunters so the references in that series are understandable to viewers.

I don’t think this is gonna work out. I just see it being a disaster.

I think that this series has a good as the True Blood series (Sookie Stackhouse) and deserves to have that kind of produce/audience that True Blood has.

I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt until I see some of it. Until then, it’ll be a worry.


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