Scary Movie Rules To Live By – Twitter Trend

Location: Home, Bedroom

Date/Time: August 10th 2011/1pm

Now Playing: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Trending on Twitter are #ScaryMovieRulesToLiveBy and here are mine:

1. Splitting up into groups means your dying and I start rooting for the killer.

2. The killer is never dead until you’ve taken off the head or shot him between the eyes.

3. Someone in your group is close to the killer, so watch out, this is most likely your boyfriend.

4. A knife is the one weapon you don’t want to have. Get a gun and fucking use it.

5. Trying to figure out a plan is never a good idea. Your only plan should be taking out the bastard trying to kill.

6. I don’t recommend fire because you will end up killing your friends instead of the killer. Dumb ass.

7. If your involved with zombies, shoot them in the head, otherwise your wasting bullets and my time.

8. If there’s multiple groups of people, one of them is the group killing people, don’t make friends.

9. If your unsure if you killed the bastard, odds are you didn’t. So pull the trigger again.

10. Don’t hide, the killer will find you

11. Trying to negotiate with the killer doesn’t work.

12. If your are a colored person, sorry but your card is usually up first.

13. Your dog is most likely dead if you own one, if not, he’ll be killed when trying to protect you.

14. The cops never arrive on time, so don’t count on them for help.

15. The killer usually waits til your drunk or high to make his move, so avoid this during the movie.

16. There’s always a sequel in your future, so be prepared.

17. If you run and fall, GET UP and start running. Sitting there screaming your head off isn’t helping anyone.

18. Don’t walk around the house yelling hello. The Killer wont say: “Yeah I’m hiding in the bathroom”

19. If you try one light switch and it doesn’t work, don’t try three more hoping one of them will work. The powers been cut, arm yourself.

20. The killer is always faster than you even if you run.

21. Don’t get into a car, odds are you dropped the keys or the car wont start.

22. If your in a scary movie, odds are you’re not the hero and wont survive. So have some fun with it.

23. It’s never good to be curious.

24. Don’t lock yourself in a room, because you always forget the second door til the killer comes through it.

25. If you lose your weapon while running, don’t run back for it. Find a new one.


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