Life lesson

Location: Home, living room

Date/Time: August 13th 2011/3pm

Now Playing: Set It Off movie

I’m so sick of this issue at work with getting my time off for the weekend of the 19th. My boss told me I’d have my Saturday and Sunday and I’d come back early to work for him on Monday. I checked my schedule and it says I work that Sunday, but that isn’t a for sure.

The thing that bugs me is now this other girl I work with is being a bitch and because she doesn’t want to work Sunday, she going to tell him that she needs that day off for a party. This is a lie and I might be getting fucked over. Not happy. I’ve decided that either he gives it to me or I’m going and I’ll take the write up for not showing. Screw this crap honestly. I shouldn’t have to push like this and yet I am.

I don’t want to be a bitch about it but I will if it comes to that.


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