Take a Hint

Location: Home, dark bedroom

Date/Time: August 13th 2011/7am

Now Playing: Thunderstorm outside

I really hate it when I get creepy FB messages. Mostly because it’s usually when people ask me out. Quite frankly, that’s the not the way to go about doing it. Secondly, it’s usually by people who I haven’t talked to in years. Okay, why the sudden interest? I’m not gonna sleep with you so that’s off the books.

The thing that really bothers me the most about this is that it usually by guys who have dated my friends. Idiot, I know what your like so that’s already a red flag. Second, you dated a friend of mine, why would I date you? I don’t break the girl code, EVER. Sure, it’s been broken by girls who I thought were my friend but I don’t play that game.

So my solution to this is to ignore all FB messages and let it go away. It’s not that I don’t want a boyfriend, because I would, but I don’t want it this way. This is just downright creepy. And I have no intention of being with a creeper. END OF STORY!


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