When will people grow up?

Location: Home, bedroom

Date/Time: August 14th 2011/2:30pm

Now Playing: Hair by Lady Gaga

When will people grow up? Seriously though! I mean when do they leave the high school shit behind them and just become adults. Obviously this isn’t going to be anytime soon with two people at my work. One more than the other actually, but the other is on her wagon so I expect it to get worse.

This one girl has tried to screw me over many times before. It started up again when I got my time off for the weekend (after negotiating I’d come home early to work) and then she all of a sudden needed the time off as well. She of course lied about it, she ALSO told me she was lying about it to our boss.


First of all, don’t tell me that because your the one trying to screw me. Second, why the hell do you keep doing this to me? I haven’t done anything to this girl (that I’m aware of) and she has done this kind of thing to me before. I have let it go in the past, mostly because I can be the bigger person and there wasn’t an issue but this week there was. I had to fight to get my time off, which I don’t enjoy. I shouldn’t have to fight to have a vacation with my family.

I mean seriously? It’s not that she doesn’t have seniority over me, because she does, but it’s the fact that she keeps signally me out. Why is it that important to you? Get a freaking life you idiot and grow up. I just, I don’t want to deal with this petty bullshit at work. I have enough issues at home that I don’t need them at work too.

I swear though, if she fucks me over one more time, shit is gonna hit the fan.


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