Hurricane Irene

Location: Home, living room chair

Date/Time: August 25th 2011/2:30pm

Now Playing: Cold Case

Hurricane Irene is taking her fury out on the Bahamas right now. Scary to think she’s reached Category 3 status and she hasn’t even reached the U.S yet. Her path right now is predicted to go up and along the East Coast. I’d hate to say it, but what if she’s goes right over Florida and hits the gulf.

That would be dangerous and if she’s already this dangerous on her path she’s predicted to take, what will happen if she does off of it.

I also start to wonder what was it like in the old days when Hurricanes hit and we didn’t have the technology. It’s scary to think what people thought back them with these massive storms.

So to everyone out there on the East Coast that is in her path, stay safe and prepared. Also, if they say GET OUT, please for the love of everything good GET OUT!


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