Weeds and it’s repeating history

Location: Home, bedroom

Date/Time: August 30th 2011/4:15pm

Now Playing: Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

I have known for a long time that my favorite TV show does one thing every season, goes in a circle with repeated history. I just never thought I’d start to get annoyed by it. I mean, the last episode of Weeds, System Overhead, did it way more than it needed.

First, Silas confronted the woman who “scorned” him. Repeat occurrence every season he gets laid (minus season 6). He then somehow for a short period still is with them. This season is no exception to that rule for Silas. He found out that Emma was the boss for Pouncy House after he slept with her. So in any natural fashion, she’d be taken out and that would be it (if this was True Blood). However, Silas is different. He teams up with them and then when they screw him over again (both physically and with his business). Then Nancy steps in and we have a season finale, which brings me to my second point.

Second, Nancy always seems to find a guy she thinks she can trust. When in reality, the only guy in her life that she can trust is Andy. Demitri is shady about stuff. He just gives me this vibe that he’s working with the cops. He some how can get a ton of pot and then suddenly it’s cut off like it never existed. Seems fishy, even to someone who knows the outcome of Nancy and his relationship (HE DIES).

Third, Andy will always been the one in the background. He will never truly get what he wants if he sticks with Nancy. Neither will he get her.

I just want to see something a bit different with the last few episodes. Give me a twist Weeds that I haven’t seen in a while. Last time that happened was the end of season 5 when Shane took out Pilar with the mallet.


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