9/11 where were you?

Location: Home,bedroom

Date/Time: September 11th 2011/3pm

Now Playing: Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum

I think one of the most asked and talked about questions about 9/11 isn’t really about why they did it, it’s more of “where were you?”. I have never been in a conversation about 9/11 that didn’t somehow end up asking that questions.

For me, I was in the 6th grade, fresh to a new town and not quite fitting in. I also was sick a lot of this year. I was home sick this day, ten years ago. It seems so weird to think that this was ten years ago. I seems like it hasn’t been that long. I guess it’s probably because I’ll never forget it.

I was sitting at home, watching TNT and ER was playing. CNN broke in to start showing what was happening. My mom called me not even ten minutes later, I was so confused on what was happening. She told me to change the channel, that I was safe and that those images weren’t something I should see. I told her I changed the channel, when in fact I didn’t.

I kept the tv going, watching as the second plane hit. I couldn’t believe someone would want to do this to us. Someone would just do this because they wanted revenge or they hated us. I watched the smoke blow up into the NYC sky, I watched the fire burn on the floors where the planes hit. I watch people run for their lives. I watched, those stuck on the roofs, jump to there deaths because they had no choice but to do that or die when the fire reached them.

The worst part was watching the first tower fall, I remember feeling my heart stop, I remember it so clearly that I don’t think there’s anything else in my memory that sticks out more. And then the second tower went, and I knew that this was a lot worse than I originally thought. I still didn’t understand it, but I knew that what happened next was going to be big.

It’s scary to think that just a few years later, I was standing right there at Ground Zero. I was looking at what was left of those two towers. I stood where thousands lost there lives. It still doesn’t seem real to me.

Today is the day we remember and if you need something to cheer you up a bit, watch this clip!


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