Quotes from Weeds season 7 episode 11

Location: Home, living room couch

Date/Time: September 13th 2011/5:15pm

Now Playing: Weeds, episode 11

Here are quotes from the episode that I loved!


Nancy: No.

Silas: It’s already done. I’ve already agreed to it.

Emma: Footnote, they were my customers before you stole them.

Nancy: Footnote, they’re about to become my customers again.

Emma: Deals off. Your Mom clearly has the controlling interests here and she’s a bitch.

Nancy: Where’s all this macho bullshit coming from? You used to be so sweet.

Nancy: Okay no, I’m your mother. To me you’ll always be a kid, sorry!

Emma: Have you ever been to therapy?

Silas: I already fucking know: it’s my Mom.

Nancy: I’m just worried Silas will do something stupid.

Shane: Good luck with that.

Andy: Well France makes good wine. I think it’s the soil. Or the water. Or the alcohol.

Nancy: Une M’re Que J’aimerias Baiser. It’s french, for MILF.

Nancy: If you guys fund me, I could expand. Become the gray goose of Weed.

Silas: You had Emma arrested.

Nancy: Emma had Emma arrested.

Silas: That’s bullshit.

Nancy: That’s business.

Silas: Consider me competition. Fair warning, everything is up for grabs. Best of luck to ya Nancy.

I thought this episode really got back to what Weeds was all about. I can’t wait to see what Silas and Nancy do about the split business!


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