Weed Review on a Review!

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Date/Time: September 14th 2011/11am

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I decided to do a review on a review! More important it’s going to be on Weeds episode 11. I personally think that this episode wasn’t the seasons greatest but it definitely brought the laughs. Anywho, here’s the review for you to read before reading my review of it! This is also my comment reply to this as well. I’m a good user on TV Fanatic for Weeds. I loyally post quotes from characters for each episode!


And here’s my review/comment of it!

I agree with you that I don’t like the Stevie custody battle is somehow gone for the storyline. This was such a big deal at the beginning of the season and now we’re not even discussing it. So sad that they’ve basically forgottan about a kid that saved Nancy multiple times. As for the storyline, this season better have a good finale, back to a heart stopping moment. If it’s the series finale, I have a lot of stipulations for that. First, they better warn us loyal Weeds watchers that it’s coming, I don’t want to be shocked like they did for United States of Tara. Second, it better be a pretty epic TV Moment. The only way this series can end is for Nancy to die. I’d like to see her and Andy finally get together but who knows. As for Silas and Shane, the brothers do business together. Silas becomes the drug dealer who all know him to be aka Nancy in boy form and Shane becomes a cop. He’s be a good cop working for both sides. Come on, you know he’d pull it off!


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