Math Professor is a Dumbass

Location: Epic Coffee House Table

Date/Time: September 16th 2011/ 4:30pm

Now Playing: Coffee house music

My Math professor is freaking dumbass. He requires us to answer two questions every week and his questions have nothing to do with math or are just so stupid they’re not worth your time. This week he asked “write 100 in a creative way.”

Seriously? That’s the best thing you can come up? You don’t even begin to challenge me! As for his second questions, everyone will post the same thing because there’s only one way to simply the damn equation. So people will just see what everyone else posted and use that in there response.

Ugh and don’t even get me started on his teaching. I’m teaching myself because he doesn’t show you how to do problems and he’s horrible at answering questions. He doesn’t give you a review for the tests and still expects everyone to get As.

Yeah buddy, you need to be FIRED!


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