Weeds season 7 finale!

Location: Study room, Library

Date/Time: September 28, 2011

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Alright so the finale was so-so for me. I think it was slow for me mostly because I knew everything that was going to happen and not because of spoilers. I know this show so well that everything that happened I predicted from the four episode of the season.

The show would end up with Nancy having her family all back together and starting over. I’m glad she got her little house int he suburb. She’s always belonged there! As for Jill joying, shoot me instead because the woman is ANNOYING as hell.

For a quick review. Nancy got her family back together, her and Silas solved there difference. She resolved things with Heylia and Jill. She got out of trouble with the cops. She moved and wants Silas to start growing and even bought him everything he needs. At the very end, there’s a shooter in the bushes and a shot goes off with the last thing pointed at Nancy. End with screen black.

So now the question remains (I’m assuming it’ll get picked up for another season), who is the shooter? There’s a lot of names being thrown around but in the end, these are who I don’t think did it.

1. Jill Grey can’t be the shooter because she’s sitting there with her children. She may not like Nancy but I seriously doubt she’d do something like that in front of her children.

2. Esteban’s daughter is just too silly. Sure Nancy may have sent her off to rehab but the girl was a mess. I personally don’t think she hated Nancy, I think she was just too messed up and she hoped Nancy didn’t notice. She is the stupidest suspect I’ve heard.

3. Celia Hodes, okay she did pop into my head for a second but then she instantly left. Celia may be vicious and a bitch but quite frankly, she doesn’t have the balls to do this. She wasn’t a good Nancy and freaked when she thought she was being followed by the black cop (Dean). She couldn’t and wouldn’t do it.

4. Isabel Hodes is another silly choice. She loved Nancy, envied her as a woman and mother. She had no issues with her. Isabel went over to Nancy’s house to escape her Mom, why would she want to hurt someone who helped her out so much? Silly choice.

5. Cesar first and foremost isn’t dead. He was shot in the shoulder and as Esteban said in season 6 in the last episode, he retired and now owns a boat. He was always the nice guy, he may not have liked Nancy but I seriously doubt he’d risk his family and life that he has now to take her out.

6. Guillermo is another obvious choice. I’d never put it back the guy but he is probably the new Esteban of the Mexican cartel. I seriously doubt he’d waste his time going after someone who isn’t even his areas anymore. If he did however, I’d love to see him back. My favorite “gang member” Weeds has ever had.

7. Emma from Pouncy House? Okay first of all, she an annoying character and yes she does have resources but I think Nancy proved she has more. Also, her character was played out through season 7. I was glad she was gone!

8. Zoya is someone I’d could definitely see doing it. After all Nancy tricked her to leave but it’s another obvious choice. Sure she loved Nancy and had this great future planned for them but Nancy made it clear that wasn’t going to happen. I think even Zoya would get that, plus Jenji said it was someone from the past (which I’m taking as farther back than season 7).

9. Dean Hodes isn’t that kind of guy. He’s always been the good guy that the writers like to beat up or pick on. I doubt that after everything they’ve had him go through they’d suddenly make him a shooter and want to take out Nancy. Sure Nancy is the one that got him hurt, but he never hated Nancy for anything she did.

10. Dimitri I feel is another obvious pick. He never thought of Nancy as more of someone he got drugs for and slept with from time to time. I wouldn’t say for sure that it couldn’t be him but, I do however believe he is in jail and he’ll be there a while.

11. Jill’s husband is someone else would I feel like would be a stupid choice. He was the one who allowed Nancy to see Stevie. Sure if Jill is living with her now, he’d be pissed. I’m assuming here that Jill left him to move in with Nancy. However, he’d be a stupid choice because I don’t think Nancy has EVER done anything directly to him.


Alright now for those who I have suspects. I’ll be adding to this as I rewatch a few episodes. So please bear with  me on the updates. I’ll repost ONLY my suspect list.

1. Biker Gang from season 3! If you don’t remember these are the people that Guillermo set on fire and along with that Ajrestic. They did beat up Silas for Nancy not willing to sell there stuff anymore. They also said they’d get revenge for what she did. I personally think that out of everyone in that Gang, it’s the brother of the girl that Andy wanted to date. He was the one in charge and they did have some serious weapons when Andy and Nancy visited. These is my TOP suspect.


2. Peter Scotson’s son – Tim: He is a good choice. He was probably just as messed up as Shane is after everything that happened. He was also angry at Nancy and he probably knows now that Nancy screwed his Mom over for the money.


3. Heylia James: Well we know she hasn’t liked Nancy since she teamed up with Conrad in season 2, as for if she did, I’m on the fence. I feel like she would definitely be the OBVIOUS choice but then that’s what throws me. Weeds never gives you the obvious choice, it’s someone smaller than Heylia. Plus she needs Nancy to keep buying from her. How else with Silas get the seeds he needs to grow MILF?


4. Lupita: She is definitely someone to watch out for. She has a way of turning up for Nancy when she needs her and Nancy did just get Stevie back. She is a suspect I’d never throw out. However, I believe the person behind the gun was a man.

Agree or disagree with any? let me know!


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