Lost in Time – Blue Blood series review

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Date/Time: September 29th 2011/4:35pm

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book 7 of the Blue Blood seriesThis book is part of the Blue Blood series by Melissa De La Cruz. It’s the 7th book of the series and as Melissa said at the end of it, there is one more book after this. It wont be coming out til January of 2013 if Melissa gets it in by her publishers due date. If she gets in it earlier, it’ll be out early like this one was.

Alright, onto the review part. In quick storyline, the first few books introduce you to Sky who is a half-red blood (human) and half blue-blood. Her Dad is Charles Force (Michael and her Mom is Allegra (Gabriella). She was born after her Mom broke her bond (marriage in there world) to Charles and married a human. Sky was sent to live with her grandmother and she attends a private school. She has a best friend named Oliver. She falls in love with Jack Force who is meant to bond with Mimi Force. To the humans they’re brother in sister but in reality they’re dark angels that joined the good side. Sky moves through each book, battling Silver-Bloods (decants from Lucifer) and finding out the new girl Bliss, is her half sister.

She ends up hooking up with Jack and then breaking it off. At one point she’s even living at the Force House because of her Grandmothers death. Quickly flash forward where she takes off with Oliver to find her Grandfather who has been in hiding for years. She finds him, learns that Silver-Bloods have been escaping for years and that Charles has been covering it up. In the end she has to kill the Silver-Blood part of Bliss and is not a fugitive with the Blue Bloods. Jack decides to blow off his bonding with Mimi and runs off with Sky. They spend time on the run from people Mimi sent after them and looking for Gates that lead to the “underworld”. Jack and Sky bond (marry) and end up learning that there’s one main Gate to the Underworld that has to be locked and they begin searching for it. Mimi falls for a former Silver-Blood named Kingsley and before she can confess how she feels, he gets trapped in the Underworld.

That leads us up to Lost in Time.

Lost in Time starts with Sky and Jack learning that the Gate is somewhere in Egypt. She also goes on through the book that they’re time is temporary because at some point, Jack is going to have to face Mimi. In the mean time, Mimi and Oliver are searching for ways to get Kingsley back. Mimi learns with help from Oliver that the gate is in Cairo, Egypt. Jack and Sky also end up in Cairo and are looking for a woman named Catherine. Sky ends up getting kid named for demon sex and Jack along with Catherine and her brother gets rescued. Jack and Sky also run into other Blue Bloods who want to help them find the Gate.

Mimi and Oliver find the Gate and head into the other world. Mimi makes a deal with a woman who guards all the different Underworlds that if she can get Kingsley to leave, they will leave. Minus of course, Oliver who is her sacrifice. Mimi and Oliver find Kingsley and even though Kingsley is cold at first, he soon realizes why Mimi came to get him. Kingsley, Mimi and Oliver begin to escape the Underworld.

Meanwhile, Sky and Jack are trying to rescue one of there Blue Blood friends who is also trapped in a dimension of the Underworld. They succeed, but Sky is beginning to feel sick. Sky believes she’s pregnant (which to me seems every true). Jack doesn’t tell her but fills us in that it’s the Wasting Disease, which happens when a Blue Blood breaks a bond. It usually affects the one who breaks it (which is why I think she’s actually prego, she’s not a typical Blue Blood!).

Anywho, Mimi saves Oliver by offering her soul up instead. She awake ready to battle Jack, who is waiting for her somewhere in the desert. They battle and in that time Mimi gets her soul back. Jack and Mimi know that the only way to officially break their bond is to have Lucifer do it, since he was the one that created it in the first place. They head to the underworld and pledge there alliance to Lucifer, leaving behind all of their loved ones.

Overall, this book was a very good read for me. I did enjoy the time Mimi and Oliver spent in the Underworld and all of the tricks it played. I wasn’t quite pleased with how Kingsley first acted towards Mimi when she came to get him, but the Underworld changes people. Sky being pregnant (possibly) is something I saw coming. She is after all, a new Blue Blood and she hasn’t been a typical one either. I personally believe she is a Blue Blood who can get pregnant. Her Mom is at some point, lost in a world between life and death. As for Sky, they decide they need to find the Gate that leads back to Heaven. Sky finds out she’s the Guardian (which I figured out a few books ago that a Gate like that existed).

I give this book a 10 out of 10. I loved this series, even if I can predict a few things. If you love this series or are looking for something new, READ IT!


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