Awkward – Season Finale Review

Location: Home, dining room table

Date/Time: October 5th 2011/1:30pm

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Alright, I know it’s a bit late but I gonna do a review for the show Awkward on MTV. It’s about two weeks for those of you wondering. Anywho, Awkward is a scripted show on MTV that lets us into the life of Jenna. Jenna is a normal teen, not popular but not a loser either. She hooks up with the “class hotty” Matty at a summer camp thing run through the school. When I say hook up, I mean all the way. Within about 48 hours, she has broken a few bones and been mistake for trying to attempt a suicide.

Her friends Tamara and Ming know that she didn’t do anything of this and they also are shocked to find out she hooked up with Matty. Matty begins to want to see her “behind closed doors” and she’s willing to play along. About a month or so after her accident, Jenna gets a letter, listing reasons why she wouldn’t have been missed if she had succeed her in fake suicide attempt. She and her friends try to figure out who the person is that sent her the letter. There list of suspects include Matty, creepy stalker of Jenna’s and Sadie (class bitch and miss popularity). Jenna is able to get back at Sadie for her bitchy comments by finding her diary at a party and uses it to get Sadie to back off, just a bit however.

We go through the season learning that Jake and Matty both want to date Jenna. Jake is Matty’s best friend and he just randomly kisses Jenna after a detention session at school. Jenna is forced to go see the counselor at her school and confides everything to her. Jenna has to deal with being in the spotlight for her suicide and trying to figure out her relationship with Matty.

Jenna makes the decision in the season finale to go to Prom with Jake because he out right asked her. She believe Matty didn’t want to go to Homecoming with her and she took that as the last straw. Little did Jenna know that Matty was going to ask her, with a giant fortune cookie and make it all romantic. Jenna doesn’t know that Matty shows up the night of the dance to bring her even though she told him she wasn’t going to go. Matty goes to the dance and see her with Jake. Jenna tells Matty (cryptically) that she has moved on and is going to try things with Jake. Jake has no idea that Matty and Jenna have been seeing each other “behind closed doors”.

Matty is of course heartbroken. Jake takes Jenna home and after a quick makeout session, Jenna goes inside. She sets off the house alarm and can’t remember the code to shut it off. Jenna goes through a the draws in the kitchen til she realizes what one it is in. Right when she’s about to find the code, she finds a pad of paper, the same paper that her letter was printed out on. Jenna goes into her room to check to see if it’s the same paper and learns that it is. Jenna knows that this is the pad of paper her Mom uses to write notes.

And that’s the season finale!

My review will be quite simple. I don’t like that Jenna just threw Matty aside like she did. I understand that she was frustrated and wanted a real relationship with him. But Matty was coming around, he was hanging out with her and talking to her more. He also talked with her friends after there first official date and was the good boyfriend while all of that was going down. Sure he may of wanted to do something different when it came to asking her to the dance but at least he was going too. The only reason he suggested that they don’t go is because he didn’t want to hurt Jake and Jenna had said originally that she didn’t want to go. Jenna’s nomination for Homecoming Princess is another reason for the person who wrote the letter to get her pride knocked down some more. The letter was printed on the back of all the ballots, which was done by Sadie. Sadie got a hold of the letter and was quick to try and ruin Jenna (which is why I think she wrote the letter). As for the pad of paper she found at home, I think it would just be too cruel if it was sent by one of her parents. Sure her Mom isn’t a great Mom but no one in there right mind would do that to their kid, and her Dad is just too sweet for that. My main suspect is Sadie. As for how the pad of paper was the same, we don’t know where her Mom bought it. Sadie could easily have the same kind of paper at her house.

I think the finale leads you up to a shocker, that was expected by her getting closer to finding out who wrote the letter. Jenna needs to realize though, it’s not one of her parents. Also, if MTV does make it one of her parents, I will be seriously disappointed. I’d like a mystery and not something cruel when it comes to who wrote that dang letter.

The finale gets a 7 out of 10 stars for me. It was a good finale but I take points away for pointing the letter writer at her parents. That’s a just a bit much for me. I guess we’ll have to wait for Season 2 to find out more!


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