Find it funny

Location: Home, bedroom

Date/Time: October 27th 2011/6:30pm

Now Playing: True Blood podcasts

I find it funny really that my parents suddenly want me out of the house. They told me when I entered college that I could stay here til I was done and/or could afford rent on my own. Since I work a minimum wage job and pay for school myself, the rent thing just doesn’t factor in for me. So I’ve been living at home (not that i particularly enjoy it).

Anywho, in the past week or so, I keep hearing my parents make comments about my leaving the house or still being here. It’s just so fucking unbelievable to me. I get that I’m 21 and trust me, if I could afford it I would’ve been gone a LONG time ago but I can’t. So I live at home and try to save money in order to be able to get onto my feet right away after college.

So why are we all of a sudden making these comments? You want me out, then fucking give me a break with the damn rent or help me with it and I will. I just keep telling them I’d be gone if I could be. It’s really becoming stressful here. I just can’t seem to get along with them very well anymore.

I think that if I do move out, I’d probably hardly talk to them.


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