Gonna rant here so skip if you don’t wanna read

Location: Home, bedroom

Date/Time: November 8th 2011/5pm

Now Playing: Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack

I’ve gotta get this out of my system. I apologize if you think this is a waste of a post but sometimes it’s healthier to get it out then to just keep it bottled up.

Alright, so I’m unsure if I’ve talked about my math class this semester or not. If I have, I’m going to again anyway. Right now my class isn’t going to well. Which I find really funny given that math is my strongest subject. Anywho, i blame the teacher. I’d be willing to say it was me if I believed i didn’t know a thing and just didn’t understand. that’s not the case here. I understand, i get what he’s saying when he lectures. So riddle me this, how come I keep getting Ds on all of the tests (pretty sure I just bombed the last one too).

If it were me, I’d say I didn’t understand in class and I didn’t get it on the test. Some how there’s a piece missing because that’s not the case. I understand and get what he talks about in the lecture, I give the answer before anyone else. I blame how he words his tests. Literally he tricks you (he outright admits that he does).

His way of teaching is…I tell you enough but not everything. This is a math class. I have to know everything in order to get the answer. Yeah that’s what I deal with on a daily basis.

Alright now onto my parents.

We’re into the semester, and Saturday is the last day to drop the class without a fail appearing on my transcript or having to take a stupid class for failing. So I’ve come to the conclusion (based on grade alone) that I probably wont pass this class. Which is why I’m planning on dropping it.

My parents however want me to tough it out and see if I can get a C. I have two tests left and a final. If that’s all of my grade, there’s no way in hell I can manage to get a C. I just (irritated as hell) can’t see it happening, especially with this teacher. He doesn’t even grade you on your answer, no he grades on the work you do. It’s really stupid IMO.

So my parents want me to talk to the professor and see if I can do anything to get my grade up (which I know there’s not because we’ve asked already as a class) and then talk to a counselor. Well counselor’s are booked til next week for appointments and no walk ins. So I’m screwed in the second thing. I’ll talk to the professor but I’m doubting it’s going to do any good. Yeah, I’ll be out money for that class but it’s better than failing.

I just wish someone would fucking listen to me instead of voicing what i need to do and that no other option is right.


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