Drama in a small town!

Location: Home, bedroom

Date/Time: December 1st 2011/3:30pm

Now Playing: Hot in Cleveland season 2

So my little town is known for causing quite a stir if something big happens. Last night, one of the high school teachers made the news. He was arrested for sex with a minor. Now this of course was BIG and blew up Facebook. I was interested to see what people were saying, and I was very surprised.

People were hating on the the girl who he has sex with. It is horrible. The teacher’s name is Mr. Jungkind and he is 44 and was the Chemistry teacher at Cedar Springs High School. He is, from the little interactions I’ve had with him, a nice guy. I don’t know him well enough and I never had him as a teacher, to make a statement. However, the few times I interacted with him, I can honestly say there were a few comments made that were “just not right”. Over all though, that’s all I can say.

Back to what I was saying earlier, so the quick thing is that they apparently hooked up over the summer (twice). The girl told a friend of her’s and that friend went to the high school Principle who later reported it to police. I can honestly say that the girl should’ve been the one to report it but I can say that the friend is also being a good friend for doing that. Either way, this is crime.

The thing that made me sad the most is that people were saying “well he never tried anything with me” so it must me false. Okay poeple (i said this dozens of times), it doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. He may not be attracted to you or the opportunity just wasn’t right. Either way, you can’t assume he’s innocent just from that alone. We all can’t assume he’s guilty.

The police have to investigate and given that he’s been arrested, there’s obviously some strong evidence to suggest that he did in fact do this.

All and all, the girl may be 17 years old and yes, that is old enough to know better. But in the eyes of the law and our government, you have to be 18 for it not to be illegal. Second part is that he is her teacher and she is the student (that doesn’t have any play on age). He is also 44 years old and should know better too. He is just as guilty here.

The only real way I could say and believe that the girl is the one who did wrong would be if the ACCUSATIONS were completely false and it never happened. However, right now that doesn’t seem to be the case.


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