I want 13:51 minutes of my life back!

Location: Home,  bedroom

Date/Time: December 2nd 2011/10pm

Now Playing: Marry the Night music video (official)

Okay I know that Lady Gaga is weird and I love her for it. However, recently her music videos have SUCKED! I’ll be first to piss many people off but come on guys! This is just starting to get ridiculous. She is doing nothing but making longer and longer music videos.

I would just like to point out that Marry the Night (i know what the song is about) is 9 minutes too long. The song in general is around 4 minutes and she spent 9 minutes talking about picking yourself up and starting over if you have. She also wanted you to keep in mind that a dream is never far from gone. Okay girl, I love you for that, but COME ON! You say pretty much the exact same thing in BORN THIS WAY! HELLO!

I just, I really think her style has changed to a point where I don’t give a shit what the music video is. I used to look forward to the music videos after I heard the single, now it just ruins the song for me.

Girl you had best get it together STAT! And….YOU OWE ME 13:51 MINUTES OF MY LIFE BACK!!


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