Computer is down for the count!

Location: Library using one of their computers

Date/Time: January 27th 2012/4:30pm

Now Playing: nothing

My computer crashed last night. I don’t really know why or what did it but the Hard Drive is done for. I have a warranty so it is being replaced for free, it’s just a matter of when. I’m supposed to be getting a call within the next few days to set up when someone should come out.

I don’t know how long it will be. You have no idea how much I hate having to go somewhere else to use a computer. Being without one at home is going to drive me nuts. I’m going to get behind on pretty but everything.

I’m really screwed over when it comes to school. I have three online classes this semester and I can’t get downtown until next week. This means that one of my classes I’ll be a week behind in. I’m hoping the professor will gives me a little extension.

I did talk to the Dell guys about what happened and they think it’s something recent that was loaded onto the computer. This means a program.

The only recent thing that have been downloaded is the program for one of my online classes. If this is what caused the crash, I’m going to be very upset and I will not be putting it on my computer once it’s fixed. Hopefully the computer’s downtown will have it so I can use it there.

Until this is fixed, I’m stuck traveling and borrowing computers. Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP!


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