For anyone who works in retail….

Location: Home, living room chair

Date/Time: February 4th 20128:25pm

Now Playing; 2 Broke Girls

Dear customers around the world,

I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you really need to start to think about what your going to buy before you go to the store. You also need to learn to not wait til the last minute to get everything you need for your party. Plan accordingly, it’s not like it just showed up at your door. You have known that this was coming for at least two weeks if not months.

While following the previous advice, please don’t get mad at me if what you want isn’t there because you wait until the last minute to get it. The sale has been going on for a week, if it’s not on the self, your own fault for waiting. I would also appreciate if you would kindly not bitch about nothing being on the shelf while standing right in front of me while I’m trying to stock the shelf. This solves nothing.

Please be kind and polite. It’ll make my day go faster and your party smoother.


Your retail employee.


P.S: When you hit me with a cart, don’t say “Excuse Me” like it’s my fault. Thanks.


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