Live Chat with Hunter Parrish

Location: Home, bedroom

Date/Time: March 29th 2012/9pm

Now Playing: Season 1 of The L Word

I got a chance to be apart of the live chat with Hunter Parrish before Godspell 3/29/12. It was crazy but, my question was answered first. And I impressed the moderator and Hunter. My question had NEVER BEEN ASKED BEFORE.

I find that shocking first of all. Here is the link for the full video but, I will post what was said. She said my name wrong too but I don’t care. It happens all the damn time. Cue to 1:43 in the video for my question.

Lady: Okay, so Tanya wants to know, Hunter..ohhh good question. What’s your favorite episode of Weeds?
Hunter: Oh wow, um I’ve never been asked that question.
Lady: It’s a great question.
Hunter: It is a great question. Umm, probably anytime I got to work with Albert Brooks. Which was season 5.

( For those who don’t know Albert Brooks is Lenny Botwin)

Lady: I am a Weeds fan too.
Hunter: Wow, Cathy knows the Weeds. Umm yeah so it’s probably season 5 and the four episodes he was in. And he’s just amazing, spectacular guy and a great actor that I look up too. And get to work with.
Lady: And he’s coming back for another season.
Hunter: That’s right.
Lady: Because were rumored that you weren’t coming back.
Hunter: I think that’s the rumor every season. But it’s not true.
Lady: Well it keeps us in suspense and coming back for more.

I know it’s silly but it made me smile! And it was really cool. I’m glad there’s a play back because my video for the LIVE stream was choppy and broken. So I can rewatch it! 🙂


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