End of the Semester

Location: Table at Epic CoffeeHouse, Rockford, MI

Date/Time: April 18th 2012, 5pm

Now Playing: Wonderful – Wicked Soundtrack

The end of the semester is almost here! I am so ready for it. You have no idea! I have my final project submitted for Photoshop and for my Database class. This means that I have only two more classes. My art class will be easy (although my teacher is stupid to think we will have this drawing done like she wants).

As for math, i am not holding my breathe. I am passing but not with a good grade. If i do well on the final I can probably bring it up. I am also going to do the extra credit on it too. That should help my grade a bit too. It’s only 10 points, but it’s ten points I don’t have.

Anywho, I am ready for a break. 2 years worth of a college (took summer classes) has pretty much fried my brain!


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