Weeds season 8 PREMIERE!! RECAP!!!

Location: Epic Coffee House

Date/Time: June 25th 2012/4:30pm

Now Playing: Credits from Season 8 Premiere episode of Weeds

CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT READ BELOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE IT RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright so if you did what Showtime wanted on Facebook, then you were able to “unlock” the season 8 premiere episode of Weeds. It requires you to watch Episodes (which you can skip btw) and then you get Weeds. Needless to say it takes some playing but eventually you will get it unlocked. I recommend you watch the first 45 seconds of Episodes and then move onto the end of the episode. This is how I got to unlock. Unless you are a fan of Episodes, then by all means, watch the show (I don’t understand how that show is good).

So anyway, the list was narrowed down greatly for who got shot from the preview podcasts for Weeds. You knew Silas and Shane didn’t get shot based on the hospital scene where they are talking. Not that I suspected those two to begin with. My list was Nancy got shot but a back up was Andy (far fetched but still possible). Needless to say, Nancy was the one who got hit (why else would Silas and Shane be at the hospital?). Nancy is conscious and aware of what happened. Goodness knows how that is possible. But to keep thing sort, she gets to the hospital where they put her in a coma for her safety (brain swelling).

In the mean time Doug takes over the payments for the hospital stay and the boys (Silas and Shane) talk over Nancy’s bedside. They also steal the neighbors food and in the end really piss off his daughter (this is an assumption for it’s never actually answered). The questions till lingers, who got the balls to shoot her. They list off a lot of people except one name. THE NAME THAT HAS BEEN ON TOP OF MY LIST FOR DAY ONE.

But anywho, we will get to that point later. Andy is finally able to go to see Nancy and Jill comes in. After some weird flirting they end up “screwing” against the hospital wall (gross!). So then Andy has a weird conversation with a Rabi in the Hospital’s Cafe and finally begins to see where is religious roots come from and what he really believes. (Again that is an assumption, with Andy, you never really know)

So pan back to Nancy’s room where are shooter is finally revealed. It’s in fact………wait for it….wait for it…. TIM SCOTTSON! That’s right guys, the character a lot of people didn’t even have in their top 5 of suspects is the shooter. He was always off (like Shane) and I knew he could do it. Turns out the victory isn’t as sweet and he makes a getway. Cut to Nancy’s monitors going crazy and there you have the end of the episode.

This is gonna make a pretty epic season. It’s got all the crazy things coming to the surface and it’s gonna be an awesome ride. While I am excited to see Shane figure out Tim is the shooter, I am sad to see the show actually ending.

I never thought it would happen. But they gotta go out with a bang and maybe a trip to Pittsburgh? 😉


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