Turns Down the Heat Please!

Location: McDonalds in Cedar Springs, MI

Date/Time: July 4th 2012/7pm

Now Playing: Awkward season 2 episode 1

It is freaking hot out. We are nearing 100 today. They say tomorrow that we will be hitting over that. Although I do like this little tide bit, it’s 94 but “feels like 110”. So does that count as going over? Either way it has to in my book.

I was forced to go sit at McDonalds today because my wifi at home doesn’t want to work. Now my parents are all complaining because their Nooks (which i don’t recommend, NOTHING BUT TROUBLE), are now not working. And they keep turning to me for help.

First of all, I don’t own a Nook. I would NEVER own one. They only have problems. My Kindle Fire may be difficult at times but at least it works.

Second, I don’t own a NOOK! Lol I can’t help you. I don’t know anything about it besides the fact that it’s a piece of junk. Really guys, stop asking.

Now my Mom is asking to see if their wifi is working. It is because of course, I am on! lol this is just entertaining as hell. We will probably be leaving soon. Just wait for it.


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