Never Though, Never Knew

Location: Mesick, MI – camping

Date/Time: August 11th 2012/10am

Now Playing: Oh Mother by Hunter Parrish

Have you ever got the feeling that you didn’t really know someone? Even though you knew this person from years and had shared some really personal stuff. Yeah I know that feeling really well this weekend. And it’s not really the person but more or less the people around that let me see.

And I get it, your at that age where getting mashed and getting laid in the big deal. great good for you. but soon enough you will come to realize that after everything, it’s not really worth anything except to make you look like an idiot.

I don’t know, I guess I expected more. And maybe, I didn’t really know you. I will admit that.

But I hope to see the guy I expect in a few years. I hope you are there. And I hope soon you will let me be there too.


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