Weeds Episode 7 – Season 8

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Date/Time: August 14th 2012/12pm

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Alright, so I usually don’t do individual episode reviews, mostly because I feel like you are obligated to do the whole season then. But this time I feel it necessary.

Episode 7 of Weeds (season 8) was quite frankly, a filler episode. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an important episode. And it’s the reason why I am doing this. This episode was called “Unfreeze”. The episode in a simply explaination is this: Nancy starts her new job, along with Silas and in the end, she finds out Jill is pregnant with Andy’s baby. That’s pretty much the basic storyline, except with The Botwins, you know it is never that simple.

Alright so this episode starts with the whole family in the kitchen, Silas and Nancy are heading off to their new jobs and all seems sort of normal. Except the black cat in the room, aka Jill. Andy and Jill have been acting up lately and finally Nancy figures it out (after a cleaning out of the refrigerator). Jill tells Nancy she is pregnant and then she continues on with her day like it’s no big deal.

Somehow I think Nancy handled it very well, I expected a little bit more worse of reaction but she took it well. So her and Silas head onto their new corporate drug business (which is legal, to a point). Silas is working in the grown room (where else would you expect him to be?) and Nancy is part of the sales department. The woman she is “training” with tells her she basically thinks it’s BS that she gets to skip a lot of the important orientation stuff and then sends her to an impossible client.

Nancy heads off to the medical building to a doctor’s office (name of doctor is escaping me right now) and she brings them muffins. The nurses of course, are more than happy to take the muffins but then they close the window on Nancy. The nurse hangs a sign that says, “NO PHARISAICAL REPS, NO SOLICITING, NO EXCEPTIONS”. Nancy of course is calm about the situation until the one nurse gets snippy and Nancy snaps (that’s my girl). And Nancy gets the muffins back and decides to leave.

Don’t count Nancy out just yet. She walks the parking garage until she finds the Doctor’s car. She takes it for a wash and gets him lunch. All of which is a good plan. She then convinces the Doctor to hear her out. He informs her that part of what she is saying is illegal and tells her to be careful. And somehow, turning this whole speech, Nancy decides she wants the Doc. So naturally, the car shakes (let your dirty minds go to work).

Meanwhile, Silas is working away in the grow room. He is figuring out that his co-workers are a big weird. Especially the one guy who is very concerned with is “air space” and you are not allowed to invade it. The other guy Silas works with, just talks A LOT. But Silas is too nice a of a guy to be mean so he decides to go lunch with the guys. At the dinner (there’s a wait) and while standing there, a beautiful girl comes up. She seems to know Silas from somewhere but can’t figure it out. After some questions and a co-worker coming up (proofing she’s his GF) the girl walks off. Now this is the part I really want to get too.

But there’s more to the episode so that will have to wait until we get to the end.

Shane, oh Shane. He is forever separating himself from his family. He has graduated the Police Academy but he doesn’t tell anyone in his family about it. He wants to spend time with his girlfriend but her Mom doesn’t seem to kind to the idea of them being together. So Shane goes off with his Cop (name escaping me). Since Shane isn’t old enough to begin as an officer, he has to find something else to do. The Cop takes him to his friend and he will be an “intern”. This I think means that Shane will start working undercover but it is never told what his “intern” job will be.

The episode ends with Nancy bringing Jill a stuff animal and them all getting together for dinner. All while the kids are running around. Nancy says “Freeze” and then after a moment, everything unfreezes. Thus the title of the episode.

Now back to the girl at the dinner. I know that this whole season is about past connections, more importantly, it’s about seeing how everything is connected. So this is the only connection I can see that this girl is making to The Botwins. Esteban had two daughters, you  met the one (who had a drug problem) so I am gonna say it now, even though I’ve said it before. She is Esteban’s other daughter. She has to be, it’s the only logical conclusion. If it’s something else, I could be a bit disappointed. But she even looks like her sister. Which would be kinda cool, but what is she doing in Connecticut?

I guess we will have to wait to see what happens in Episode 8.


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