New Semester, new day!

Location: McDonalds, Rockford, MI

Now Playing: Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Date/Time: 6pm/September 5th 2012

New semester started last week, and so far so good. We have already gottan my Graphics teacher to push back dates and we could probably keep doing it all semester. Guy has no idea who he is dealing with.

So many good shows this fall! I have a list of ones that look good, doesn’t mean they will stay that way. The one I am looking forward too (actually there’s 3) The Following (FOX), Animal Practice (FOX) and Revolution (NBC). Those will probably be added to my list, although they may require watching online.

I am excited for this Sunday. Weeds is having it’s 100th episode! So many old faces and The Bowtins return to where it all started! Gonna be EPIC! But I am also sad in a way because after this week, only two episodes left of THE SERIES. They are doing an hour long finale! I can’t believe it’s already here! I am going to cry (I already have).

But time will tell! Make sure you follow me on Twitter (@tanyagiaimo). I tweet through several shows and give some pretty good commentary (or so I am told). And as always, check for an updates.


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