Crazy week or is it the start of something bizarre this year?

I have worked in retail for a long time. I have worked for four major retail stores and I can honestly say I have seen a lot of crazy stuff in my day. But all within a week? Something just seems really off here.

For starters, their was a lot of vandalizing in the parking lot. Two people have now had their tires slashed and they are now making sure it doesn’t happen again (said that after the first time too). Next we have the people who come in higher than a kite in the clear blue sky lately. I have now seen 3 people in the past four days way off their rockers and smelling like it too (new normal?).

Three, we had the cops called this morning. And by morning I don’t mean 8am or 9am. All before 6am and apparently this guy has been wanted for a while. Which go us for finally getting him! But my point is, I just have to wonder how the rest of the day is gonna go if that’s how it starts right?

Right now anything is possible I guess.


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