Is there a line anymore?

I used to be one of those people who just let someone walk all over them, but I quickly changed. It came around the time of my move to this small town I now call home. At that point I was the new girl and the outcast. My choice of letting people step on me became the very fear I lived with for most of my middle school years. But I decided quickly that no one was going to walk all over me the moment my feelings were crushed by someone I trusted.

I guess you could say I had it coming, but now I look at it the best lesson I ever learned in my life. And now I can say fuck you to anyone who thinks to even push a little in the wrong way. This is also probably one of the reasons why boys seem to not want anything to do with me.

To say I am lonely is the truth, I would love to have a boy just smile at me for no reason but just to make my day. There is a little moment in my day when someone does this that just makes everything seem okay. So does this mean something will happen? Good point to laugh at because it never does.

I have the worst luck with any guy that does pay attention to me (thus the trust issues). The guy I first started dating only did it because he had a bet with his friends. The next only did it to date my friend, and add another version of this.

The last is probably the one that is still very sore. And that is the understatement. It still pisses me off. For about two months I was led on, treated and thought cared about until the truth hit me square in the face. To say I was hurt is the understatement. My best friend and my friend (guy I was seeing, nothing official) were dating behind my back. And they assumed I would be okay with it. Yeah, do u not know me? To say I stopped talking and hating them is exactly what happened.

And now I read this stupid thing about how she feels mistreated and that she is misunderstood. Well I have one thing to say girl, if you want to be treated better and respected, think about your actions. But I guess being this good girl gets you through things and that because of that it makes you better, yeah think again. I call this karma bitch, so get used to it because it’s only begun.


Okay sorry about the rant, but i did get personal. I just had to let it out.


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