I blame the full moon

It doesn’t take long to figure out the craziest stuff usually happens around or when there is a full moon. I am a true believer and witness that when it’s a full moon, the crazy people come out to play more than ever. My cases are that of pure witness while at work and just walking around town.

My first case is a lady that comes in shopping the second day of a full moon. She comes in every time and is always dancing (and extremely high). She is in the store for about eight hours (until the sun comes up). She doesn’t seem to care that we all want to just (help). I expect to see her tonight at work.

My second case is the lack of a filter on society. It seems like whenever a full moon comes around there’s a bit of “cabin” fever. It seems this “fever” gives them permission to say whatever they want (no matter how rude). I have witnessed this over the past couple of days. It seems like people are just sticking hot and thick on the rudeness. My own personal experience is that I was told to my face that I was ugly (to put it nicely). And wow really? Regardless of what you think, you DON’T say that to someone. You just don’t. But that is mild compared to some of the other things I have seen people do or share. I can’t put my finger on it but just wow, develop the filter back please?

My third and final case is that no matter what the weather (or where you live) it seems on a full moon you are going to have one or two things occur. It will either be calm (no weather changes) or something bad happens. This month it seems a blizzard is going to be coming (again for the third time this season). So best be prepared right? Nope, people wont be and they will continue to drive in that madness.

So keep this in mind when something weird keep happening to you. Take a look at the calendar. I think you will find that all of those moments seem to occur when the full moon is near or happening. Just remember don’t let it get to you. That’s the job for the everyone else!


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