Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Have you ever had those moments in life where you just didn’t know what to do? Your motivate is pretty much at zero and things you used to care about just become dull?

Well not to sound like an anti-depressant commercial (b/c after reading that you were thinking it) but I am in that kind of class. We have been on Spring Break for college (over now) and while I have had time off, getting back into the flow of school work is just not working for me. I know it’s the stress of all the bullshit going on here at home and with my family but I just can’t seem to focus. I honestly could really careless right now if my homework gets done or not.

It’s mostly for one class (java). The class I have had several issues with and I honestly am to the point of if I pass, I’m golden. My need and want to do well in this class is just not there and I have thought about dropping it. However, this would be the first class I have EVER dropped and I don’t want that on my record. So my thought is this, when I pass (because I know I will), I may end up taking the class again a little later down the road. Just a refresher and who knows, maybe some new skill will be available then too.

Most people would just say I’m being lazy (most of the time I think I am being too) but I am way too tired to care. I just want the check out from the world for a couple of days. Just to get away and put all the stress aside. I may end up just jumping in my car one day and doing just that. But I have to get through this semester of college first!


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