Oz The Great and Powerful – Review

I rate everything out of ten and I would give this movie a 6.5 out of 10.

The movie Oz The Great and Powerful is a “prequel” to Wizard of Oz. It is a take on the original story and given you the before Dorothy came to town. Introducing almost everyone from the original movie and a bunch of new characters too. And it’s also a DISNEY movie (this is important).

Now this movie is set up for kids, don’t go in thinking it’s a movie for everyone because it’s not. There’s some bad acting, over acting and the storyline is kinda OKAY. I give it the rating I did because it is a cute movie and kids should see the magic and wonder of Oz.

The movie takes you through how Oz came to be the Wizard of Oz. And how Oz came to play all the tricks that he does. And it’s a pretty basic set up (and a set up for when Dorothy comes).

The one thing for this movie is that in TRUE Disney fashion, the dirty references are perfectly placed. This movie is going to make u laugh and then never think of certain things the same again. So I do recommend in that the end that you see it. Now I am not saying go out to the theater and see it NOW but definitely give it a watch. You can wait til it comes out on DVD or to the cheap theaters (not sure if they have those every where but they do here). Either way, don’t miss the fun of “It’s a little tight in here”.


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