Proof that Toby is alive? – Pretty Little Liars Theory

Some of you may have seen my post a few back about Toby being alive. Well according to Marlene King (creator of the show), we are going to get an official answer in this season’s finale. Personally, I think the body in the morgue from this week’s episode already gave you that answer.

Now keep in mind, the image isn’t exactly where I’d like you to be able to see but it’s well enough for me to point out something.

The image below is of Toby when the Liars first EVER saw his tattoo:


Toby’s tattoo is clear and visibly here. There is no markings that make it look anything but easy to read. And this is a key point in HOW Spencer found out who the body in the woods might be.

Now if you read my post from before, this next paragraph is one for you to skip (or read, your choice). My post from before gave some reason why I thought Toby was alive. My first one was that well, Toby never really got to say good. He honestly was thrown into the “A” team and never given a direct reasoning as to why. So then you are just going to kill him? I don’t think so. My second reasoning is that we never were given a visual confirmation as to if that body was really Toby. Who is to say that it wasn’t someone else and they had the same tattoo or Mona gave them a temporary one similar to Toby’s? My third and final reason is this, Toby is a BIG, STRONG GUY and Mona is this petite little thing, you honestly think she could over power him???? Check the photo below for proof:


You are honestly going to tell me that Mona overpowered him? NO FREAKING WAY!

Also, Mona NEVER SAID Toby’s dead. She said, and I am quoting here “He’s dead.” At which point, Spencer took off running after her. Never seeing who the body really was, just the tattoo.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not leaving out the possibility that it’s Toby in the wood (well I guess I should say morgue now) but it just wouldn’t been a good finish to an amazing character. And Keegan Allen has played Toby beyond words amazingly and he deserves (if it is Toby) a very spectacular death finish.

Alright now here is where I have a firm believe that the tattoo Spencer saw is a FAKE. Check the photo below:


It’s kinda hard to see with this one, my apologizes (couldn’t find one of better quality). I did search the best I could to find one. Anywho, the tattoo on this body is smeared. It’s faint and honestly, not what a REAL tattoo would do even if the body had been sitting in the woods. Also if you check the placement (not saying this couldn’t be a costuming issue from behind scenes) it’s lower than what Toby’s is above.

I am a firm believer that this body is a fake. This isn’t Toby. Also, again we were given no visual face confirmation it’s Toby. They can show us! We’ve found things out before the girls and what’s to stop it from happening now?

One answer: It’s not Toby.

Next week’s finale will give us the official answer, but please keep in mind what you’ve read above.

***Photos curtsey of ABCFamily’s Pretty Little Liars ***


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